TikTok video about dog behavior
TikTok | @sweetteatate

TikToker Says Her Dog's Big Stretch Was A Warning Sign She Wishes She'd Caught Sooner

We watch our pets all the time, but do we really see what we're looking at? A TikToker is sounding the alarm after noticing a big red flag in her dog's behavior.

While dogs stretch all the time, TikToker @sweetteatate says that her dog's "really big stretch" could have been a sign of cancer. Is this a reliable way to diagnose pet ailments? Let's dig in.

Unfortunately, pets can't talk.

A golden retriever
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Every pet owner probably wishes they could understand what their cat or dog was thinking at any given time. While our furry friends can give us signs that indicate what they're thinking or feeling, it's hard to know for sure.

A TikToker shared this video of a dog stretching.

TikTok video discussing signs of cancer in dogs
TikTok | @sweetteatate

In the video, Tea — @sweetteatate on TikTok — shows a dog stretching. It seems pretty straightforward, but Tea says it was actually the first sign that the dog had stage five lymphoma.

For real?

Comments on TikTok video about dog behavior
TikTok | @sweetteatate

Many commenters were skeptical, stating that dogs stretch all the time, and that cancer can't be diagnosed from a simple stretch.

Others, though, emphasized Tea's main point: that if your dog does this and normally doesn't, it might be a sign of something serious.

She explained things in a follow-up video.

TikTok video about dog behavior
TikTok | @sweetteatate

In a lengthy follow-up video, Tea explained that she never said that a big dog stretch equaled cancer, but that it's important for pet owners to be mindful of behavior they don't usually see.

She went with her gut.

Comments on a TikTok video about dog behavior
TikTok | @sweetteatate

Tea explained that the dog went on to develop lumps, and was eventually diagnosed with stage five lymphoma. To her, the big stretch was the first sign that something was amiss in the golden retriever.

It seems like a big stretch.

While the internet tells us that this kind of stretch — also known as bowing — can be a sign of abdominal discomfort, it isn't in itself a direct sign of the dog having cancer.

Do what you will with this information.

While many are skeptical about Tea making this connection, her videos raise a more important point: that we should always be tuned in to how our furry friends are behaving, and take them to the vet if something seems off.

What do you make of this?

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Is a big dog stretch just an invitation for scritches, or can it mean something more serious? Be sure to let us know your thoughts, and share your doggo stories, in the comments section.