A Black Cat Named Jinx Is Becoming Mayor Of A Town

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black cat
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Many people love their pets like members of their own family. Those who have cats and dogs know just how special it is to have them be a part of their lives and a part of their communities.

Sometimes, individuals like to share their pets with others online through social media. Many pets in families have their own social media accounts, like TikTok channels and Instagram pages. It's become a new social norm.

We all love looking at pets online.

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It's no secret that we all love and enjoy seeing sweet, adorable, funny pets online. When pet owners share their furry friends with us on social media, we can't help but like, comment, and subscribe in order to keep up with their content.

Many pets rise to stardom and popularity on social media.

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The more followers and likes the pets and pet owners get, the more that they become recognized and known through the community and everyday life. The more adorable, cute, and funny videos that pet owners share with the world, the more people grow to love and adore them.

Sometimes, pets can even reach stardom in unheard-of ways.

Recently, one cat has become so well-known that a Michigan town is actually making him the Mayor of their town. Hell—yes, the town's name—has decided to honor a black cat named Jinx by making him the town Mayor.

Jinx was first adopted by his owner, Mia, when she found her in her yard.

Mia, who lives in California, found the cat in a field behind her home and decided to rescue her. Mia noticed that Jinx's eyes were growing very big and very wide—despite the fact that Jinx stopped growing herself.

The "birth defects" worried Mia at first.

"She had big eyes and as she grew bigger, her eyes didn't get smaller and I also noticed she had big feet. She doesn't have a condition and the vet says she's healthy. She just has these birth defects. She's also not as agile as most cats and is a little clumsy. She only learned how to land on her feet a year ago," Mia told Daily Mail.

These birth defects caused Jinx to become very popular online.

People fell in love with Jinx and all of her quirky uniqueness on social media. When cats or dogs are different, people oftentimes are drawn to them and love to follow them online. Jinx became so popular, that Mia had a great idea.

Mia asked if anyone wanted to make Jinx the "Mayor of their town."

On social media, as a joke, Mia asked, "Isn't there some town that made a dog the mayor? Can we make Jinx mayor or something somewhere?" As it turns out, one Michigan town allows anyone—human or a pet—to become the Mayor for a day with a small donation to the town.

You can actually nominate someone to become Mayor of a Michigan town.

People responded to Mia that Hell, the town in Michigan, allows anyone to nominate someone (animal or human) to be a mayor for a whole day with a $100 donation. For $25, someone can become the mayor for an hour.

Mia announced that Jinx would be the Mayor of Hell for three whole days.

Not only do they get to become the mayor for a day, but they also get a few things that come along with it. You get horns, a t-shirt, a mug, and even a badge. They also send you a certificate about your nomination.

At the end of the "mayor day," there's even an impeachment ceremony.

At the end of the day when you are the mayor, there's an impeachment ceremony, too. But, your mayorship will be remembered because you also get a small "square inch property" in the town, as well. That's one way to be in charge!

The town loves to honor people from near and far.

Reverend Vonn of Hell will also be announcing Jinx as mayor over the phone.

''We love our in-person and distant mayors. They get to have one Helluva fun day and at the end of it, will receive the dreaded phone call to be impeached," he told Daily Mail.

How cute!