People Share The Things People In Their 20s Should Do Before They Turn 30

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Age is but a number. One can be young at heart. One can be an old soul. Blah, blah, blah.

Still, it's hard to deny that a person's 20s are generally more carefree than their 30s. But when you're in your 20s, it can be hard to know how to fully take advantage of your youth.

If you haven't hit 30 yet, hit up this r/AskReddit thread for some ideas on what to do with your fleeting youth.

It doesn't seem like it'll matter, but it will.

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"Start doing mobility exercises and stretching.."


"This, though I was going to say "lose weight".

The change in your metabolism from the 20's to the 30's makes it much, much harder to do."


Butt out.

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"If you smoke cigarettes - quit. It's all [fun] when you're in your 20s, but it'll catch up to you way quicker than you think. If you quit now your body still has time to heal much of the damage that has been done to it."


Try living alone.

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"Everyone should live on their own once. Without an SO/parent etc. I’d even say without an animal, and I’m an animal lover. Totally alone, even for a bit will let you totally focus on yourself, and it will teach you things that are important."


Wear sunscreen.

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"Use sunscreen every single time you go outside and never tan. I was a idiot and tanned plus never wore sunscreen in my teens and early 20s. My skin is a wreck now in my mid 30s due to all the sun damage and once the damage is done you can’t reverse it unfortunately."


Be selective with potential partners.

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"Read up about how to spot personality disorders in potential partners and spouses, and how incredibly destructive it can be to you.

Wish I'd done that."


"Spend a lot of time with the person before dating them for real. Know their values and beliefs, their personality, life goals, whether they are compatible with yours before committing to a serious relationship."


Think of your health.

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"Start fixing any health issues, especially hereditary ones. Tackle it early and you’ll be able to live your life comfortably. If you wait, things will get worse and you’ll spend multiple years in your 30s or later dealing with it."


See the sights.

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"I took the opportunity when I could to do a cross country road trip in my 20s, would be difficult to find the time for it now, so glad that I did that."


"I backpacked through Europe during break after my Junior year of undergrad. Glad I did it. Drove cross country last year and saved that for when I was older because driving cross country is definitely more accessible than traveling internationally."


Look forward to your 30s.

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"Be excited about turning 30! I was. Every year had been better and better and for myself anyway my 30s have been great so far. If you’re lucky by the time you’re 30 you have a better sense of self, give fewer [cares] about what people think of you, hopefully have a career or some stable footing, and maybe have some savings."


If you're free, enjoy your freedom.

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"Seriously think about what you want to do in life before you limit yourself. Marriage and parenthood are great but they also close many doors. Travel and see the world (or don't) and figure out how you want to live your life before it's not longer a decision you can make on your own."


Try to set your 30s up beforehand.

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"If I could do it over again, I’d have worked harder in my 20s. If you can get a degree faster and start your career sooner, your 30s will be a lot more comfortable. I didn’t start my career until 30, and had to spend the next decade getting to where most 30-year-olds are."


Stop and smell the roses.

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"This isn’t how to get over a fear of aging per se, but one thing I’ve found to be enormously helpful in this regard is to be aware.

I’ve found that if you are constantly very conscious of the world around you, aware of all of your senses, deliberate in your movements, and don’t allow yourself to go through day-to-day life in a routine-bound haze, you remember things better, long term and short term, and you will feel like your years go by slower, and are more substantive as opposed to flashing past in the blink of an eye."


Figure out your 401(k).

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"For those of you in the US, put money into your 401(k). It’s taken out of your paycheck automatically, so you won’t miss it if you start doing it early in your career. When employers offer a match, it becomes free money."


Take advantage of the discounts.

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"Check out culture offerings in your area or the next larger city.

Many institutions, like museums, theaters, opera etc. have special offers for people <30 or <27 in order to interest the new generation.

I noticed some time ago that I REALLY enjoy theater (who knew?) and am now bummed that I could have gone to all the best shows for a fraction of what I would have to pay now that i'm over 30."


Don't be afraid to go back to school.

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"Go back to school if you are wondering if you should. I went back at 28, graduated at 33, as a 40-year-old I am patting my 28-year-old self on the back."


This hits very close to home.

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"If you're a guy who suspect you might go bald early because of genetics: try out some weird hairstyles. Well, if it works in your line of work. Get a fauxhawk, cut some bangs like it's 70s, grow it out, braid it. You only have one head of hair, and when it's gone, it's gone."


Learn to adult.

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"Become independent enough that your responsibilities don't become someone else's problem to deal with, ESPECIALLY if you have roommates. Also, lose the douchey college bro attitude. Being an obnoxious know it all or the unrelenting center of attention guy gets REAL old, real quick. Adulthood isn't a popularity contest."


It's a journey, not a race.

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"Unlearn the 'life plan' mindset. Sometimes, things change. You won't like your career that you majored in later like you do now. Or maybe you already started seeing the cons.

But that's ok. Starting over isn't a bad thing. Life isn't a race."


Things change.

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"Realize that your friend group from your early 20's will most likely look completely different by your later 20's and into your 30's and that's ok."


"To add to this, never stop making new friends!!! Your circle will change as people have kids, get married, change jobs. If you stop making new friends in your 20's you will forget how to in your 30's."


Brush up.

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"Go without to get dental care if you have to. Take care of your teeth man, I will chant this every chance I get."


"And get a water flosser. Your gums will thank you later. Periodontal disease is no fun."


It's 30, not the grave.

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"Learn to stop seeing 30 as some depressing end. Can still do your hobbies, make new friends, etc., at 30+."


"30s are the best years of your life. You're still physically young and (most) people have more money and experience than in their 20s."