18 Times Bosses Actually Went Above And Beyond For Their Employees

Kasia Mikolajczak
mug that says "world's best boss."
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We've all had our share of horrible bosses. Am I right? Often people complain about toxic work environments that made them quit their job. But what about the opposite? Have you ever had a truly amazing boss? That's a lot rarer, no? But it does exist.

In fact, there are bosses out there that give their employees the praise they deserve, and we need to give them props. So let's look at some perfect examples of fantastic bosses.

This Thoughtful Gift

bunch of different food items
reddit | Fappy-McHandsom

"The restaurant I work for is closing until further notice. My manager gave me a gift."

That's such a kind thing to do, right? I mean, the food would otherwise go to waste, so why not treat the employees? At least that's what I would do.

This Boss Of All Bosses

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reddit | bulletooftony

Ah, this guy really sounds like such a cool guy. He just happens to be a boss, but overall he's one decent guy. I know working retail isn't easy, so it's great this guy tries to make his employees' lives a little better.

This Honesty

How many times somebody asked you at work how you were doing, and you responded with "I'm fine." But then you knew that you were lying through your teeth? Been there and done it. Happy to see that this boss understands this.

This Cheeky Gift

bottle of wine with funny caption
Imgur | Imgur

It's really awesome when your boss has a good sense of humor, no? Take this person, for example, this is the bottle of wine they got from their boss, and I bet they're laughing all the way home.

This Treat

assortment of meats and other food items
reddit | SoDakZak

"I work construction in the Midwest and my boss just delivered all of these food goodies to our home in time for the holidays!"

Some bosses really know to reward employees for the holidays, huh? I bet all these goodies will come in handy.

This Kind Note

sweet note from a boss
reddit | PineappleProstate

Sometimes when an employee is having a rough day, all they need is a few kind words. This boss realized it and jumped at the chance to thank this employee. And, in turn, made their day better.

This Welcome To The Family

Leftover Thanksgiving dinner
reddit | 600-shot-of-autism

"I didn't have Thanksgiving with my family this year so my boss made me a plate and said that I'm part of her family."

Many workplaces say that you are part of the family but do they really mean it? Well, this boss here definitely does, and it's super sweet.

This Decent Human

note from boss with 100 dollar bill
reddit | u/kveach

"I have THE most amazing boss! I mean, who does stuff like this?? Faith in humanity restored."

Some bosses would get annoyed when employees have to take time off work. This boss not only appreciates his employee's hard work but also gives a little extra too.

The Best Summer Job

check and treat from boss to employee
reddit | Jell-OFish

"Just had my last day with my summer job back home, boss choked up a bit and said he wished me the best with my future health and career. He said if all else fails I’m welcome to come back as s partner and grow the business with him. Gave me a bonus today. Probably the best boss I may ever have."

What a great start to this person's career. May all their bosses be as great as this one here.

This Over-And-Beyond Manager

"This nice old man just came into McDonald's asking for directions, and the manager has taken at least 10 minutes to set up google maps on his phone, plug the address in, and teach him how to “follow the green dot” while he’s driving. Faith in humanity is temporarily restored."

That's what I like to see.

This Kindhearted Workplace

woman with Christmas gifts in front of a tree
reddit | eatfrozengrapes

"I help take care of my mother and have had such a hard few months. My bosses and co-workers found out and brought all this to my mom and me tonight. Didn’t just make me smile, made me cry, too. Mom (pictured) is so happy we get to decorate a tree for Christmas."

Aww, I'm literally getting misty here.

This Solid Boss

Reddit screenshot
reddit | u/PhenomenalPancake

I honestly wish there were more bosses like that, and I completely agree with this. As long as you get your work done, who cares how or when you do it? Am I right?

This Thank-You

Flowers and thank-you card
Imgur | Imgur

"My sister's boss passed away several months ago, but before she did, she arranged to have this sent to her staff."

I take it she already knew it was coming, so she wanted to do something special for her employees, which really speaks volumes about her character here.

This Incredible Boss

Text screenshot
reddit | born2stab

"I’ve had terrible teeth my entire life. It’s been the bane of my existence. Today I got a $10,000 quote on the cost of what needs to be done, and it just made me feel even more helpless. My boss, mentor, literal angel, is taking care of this for me, free of charge."

I would be crying from happiness, too.

This Sweet Gesture

woman touched by sweetness
Giphy |

"My husband has been in the hospital for 4 months dealing with a brain tumor, and I brought him home yesterday. He is bedridden and needs total care, and my brother's boss gave me this card, with a $1000 cheque to ease some of the costs of caring for him at home."

Oh, wow! I bet this family really appreciated that.

This Amazing Manager

LinkedIn messaage
LinkedIn | LinkedIn | Farhan Randhawa

Wow, can you believe this story here? I think it's amazing. I can honestly say I've never had a manager go to bat for me as this guy did here for his employee. I wish there were more humans like this in the world.

This True Angel

Reddit screenshot
reddit | u/yiss92

Aww, that's so nice, huh? Not only does this boss let this employee study during slow times, but he also fed the person three times during their shift. There's a special place for people like this in heaven, that's for sure.

This Kind Soul

text screenshots
reddit | u/Still-Waters-ASMR

"My boss’s response to me saying I wouldn’t be at work today due to ongoing mental health problems. I could honestly cry."

Sometimes all you need is a little understanding from the people you work with, huh? I'm happy to see that this person's boss takes mental health seriously.

Let's give a huge applause to these incredible bosses.

two co-workers giving each other a high-five
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It's rare to hear a good workplace story where everybody gets along. And on top of it, a boss that not only treats his employees fairly but goes over and beyond to make them feel appreciated is truly amazing. Has anybody done something special for you at work?