TikToker Says She's In An Airbnb Nightmare After Her Ex-Husband Rented Out Her House

Ashley Hunte
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CW: Mentions of domestic abuse.

Hearing about an Airbnb horror story is pretty bad. Living through one is even more brutal, though.

Recently, a woman took to TikTok to document her experience getting renters out of her house, as her ex-husband rented it through an illegal Airbnb listing. This is after a court ruling awarded her sole ownership of the house.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Airbnb is doing much.

On March 30, CeCe (@teenybeekeeper) posted a TikTok outside her house, talking about the renters living inside who wouldn't leave, and who left her delivery packages on the street.

They also left her a note saying they wouldn't leave until May 1st.

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In the TikTok, CeCe explains that both the renters and her ex-husband are complicit in this situation as "they've known for three weeks to leave. They're choosing not to leave."

She then posts a longer TikTok detailing the whole story.

"On [March 3rd] at 10:00 in the morning, I was given the legal access to my rental house located in Midvale, Utah. My ex-husband had a contract with renters then through March 19th. Immediately after court he illegally extended the contract with these renters."

And despite the fact that the renters knew their contract was no longer legal, they wouldn't leave.

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At first they said they would leave on March 31st, and CeCe attempted to be helpful and even offered to get them a refund. But when they decided to extend their stay until May 1st, it was clear they weren't going anywhere.

This is her home, where she was planning to live with her kids.

In a separate TikTok, CeCe further explains that she could be faced with homelessness if she can't access this house, which was illegally rented out by her abusive ex.

And unfortunately, getting law enforcement involved wasn't an option.

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In an interview with the Daily Dot, CeCe says that "she told police that she was unable to move back into her home, but they did not get involved because her situation is a 'civil matter.'"

On April 1st, CeCe updated everyone with Airbnb's response.

"Without having your ex-husband contact us, we can't do anything."

In other words, despite the fact that she is the sole owner of the house, Airbnb won't do anything unless the ex contacts them. Which he clearly won't.

A few days later, CeCe was finally able to move into her house.

Filming from inside her house, CeCe explained that her current boyfriend "facilitated the negotiation." They paid the renters $3300 to leave, which she says in a reply to a comment she'd crowdfunded, "But I will ask the court for it back."

After that, she was contacted by Airbnb.

On April 7th, CeCe updated her followers with news that Airbnb called her. They wanted to ask her about the "situation" that happened with the renters that she "may have information about."

Unfortunately, the story doesn't end on a high note.

April 26th, CeCe received an email from Airbnb that stated she violated their community guidelines by entering the rental, and they removed her account. Apparently, her ex's account is still active.

This entire ordeal has sparked outrage from her viewers.

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"@airbnb what is your problem," one commenter wrote on CeCe's most recent update.

Another said, "@airbnb I've only heard bad things."

This definitely isn't a good look for the company. But the important thing is that CeCe and her kids are in their home.

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