Robin Williams's Unique Sense Of Style Is My New Fashion Inspiration

Jordan Claes
Robin Williams in Jean Paul Gaultier shirt.
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There's nothing more I can say about the comedic genius that was Robin Williams that hasn't already been said. But one of Robin's greatest crowning achievements remains largely untalked about even to this day.

Aside from being an Oscar-winning actor and one of the greatest comedians the world has ever known, Robin also had an incredible eye for fashion. Have a look below and check out how his unique sense of style has gone on to influence a generation.

Who knew that 'The Absent-Minded Professor' was such a stunner?

Robin Williams at the premiere for 'Flubber'.
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Robin's impressive bomber jacket had pockets for days and was designed by the technologically-driven Japanese fashion designer, Issey Miyake. The glasses are said to have been antique pilot's glasses that Robin had his prescription fit into.

Buttons and pins are his best friend.

Robin at the 'Toys' premiere in Los Angeles.
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Don't let the outlandish aesthetic of Robin's suit fool you. He wore this to the LA premiere of Toys in 1992, and it was made by Italian actor, Giancarlo Giannini. The best part was that it actually lit up and made sounds.

This look should come with a volume knob.

Robin Williams in black and gold windbreaker and Chrome Industries Messenger bag.
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The black and gold windbreaker would've been more than enough on its own. But when you're bold enough to pair it with a yellow and gold Chrome Industries Messenger bag, that's when you know you have the makings of a style icon.

Robin knew how to turn up the heat.

Robin Williams in flame shirt and matching shoes.
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Guy Fieri has nothing on Robin Williams when it comes to high fashion. If you look closely at Robin's feet, you'll notice he's wearing one of the first pairs of Royal Elastics sneakers — an Aussie sneaker brand that would go on to define '90s sneaker culture.

Move over, Rufio.

Robin Williams in black and gold jacket.
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This photo was snapped just outside of Richard Rodgers Theater while Robin was performing in the play "Bengal Tiger At The Baghdad Zoo." His jacket appears to be Hook-inspired and that bag is a total flex.

Robin had a thing for outer wear.

Robin Williams in camo jacket.
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Although it might seem subtle and unassuming, Robin is actually wearing a Gore-Tex M-65 Visvim jacket in the photo above. You can get one of your own and it will only cost you a mere $2500 USD.

Travis Scott, is that you?

Robin in long trench coat suit.
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You can understand why someone might make the mistake. This fit looks as if it could've been worn at the 2022 Grammy Awards by any number of music's most fashion-forward, genre-defying artists. The only difference is that Robin did it first.

Only Robin Williams could pull off this look.

Robin Williams in Bomber Jacket and Mario hat.
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The bomber jacket and the eclectic collection of pins would've been more than enough on their own. But the fact that Robin also saw fit to add a Vegimals ballcap into the mix is a true showcasing of his fashion prowess.

Robin Williams in all black outerwear.
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This isn't your dad's jogging outfit. In this photo, Robin is donning a J16 softshell jacket made by a company called Acronym. This look may appear functional, but those with eyes to see know that this is high fashion all the way.

Enter the dragon.

Robin Williams in dragon-print shirt and striped suspenders.
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It's a little hard to tell because of the black and white resolution, but that tuft of fluff isn't a part of Robin's shirt — it's his actual chest hair. Only a genius or a madman could get away with wearing a dragon-print button-up with rainbow-colored suspenders.

Real men wear kilts.

Robin Williams in a kilt.
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It's not enough to just rock a kilt. You must also be sure to adorn yourself in a snakeskin Sporran, bedazzled with dozens of diamonds and crystals in order to show off your flare. Otherwise, what's the point?

Robin Williams taught Jeff Goldblum everything he knows.

Robin WIlliams in cargo shirt and colorful shoes.
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From head to toe, Robin is dressed in an ABC Camo BAPE shirt, a pair of Triple 5 Soul shorts, as well as a brand new pair of Nike Viotech Dunks. At the time, you couldn't even get those shoes outside of Japan.

Soul of a comedian, thighs of an Adonis.

Robin Williams at Wimbledon tennis match.
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This is what Robin showed up wearing during his tennis match with Billy Crystal against tennis legends Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi. The bucket hate is designed by Enyce and the t-shirt and shorts are yet another ode to Robin's love for Japanese fashion.

Respect the drip.

Robin Williams in Jean Paul Gaultier shirt.
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The shirt Robin is wearing was designed by Jean Paul Gaultier — one of France's most well-known and respected fashion designers. Today, Gaultier's pieces are a favorite of hip-hop stars like Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Nas-X.

Where can I find a shirt like that?

Robin Williams in blue and white print shirt holding a can of TAB.
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TAB may no longer be around, but that blue-and-white print shirt looks like Robin plucked it straight from the fingers of Gen-Z. The fact that it also matches his eyes I'm sure is no accident.