Woman Has Heartwarming Sleepover With Grandfather Reeling From Loss Of His Wife

Mason Joseph Zimmer
older man sitting in easy chair and holding strawberry ice cream cone
TikTok | @meganelizabeth1016

As a very young boy, I was a shy child who would only let a select group of people approach me. If you were to time travel back to when I was two years old and came up to me, you'd quickly find that I'd try to hide from you because you're not my mom, my dad, or my grandmother.

And while I'm aware that not everyone was skittish to that extreme when they were children, it's likely fair to say that many of us can remember our grandparents as being some of the first people on earth we were close to. And as we can see in some stories, that appreciation for them can extend far into adulthood and make for some truly adorable moments.

Yet just as we knew we could turn to them when we were in trouble, we can sometimes find that our grandparents will grow to need our help when the challenges of life start to overwhelm them.

And one woman has not only been happy to answer that call, but is doing so in the most precious way possible.

As a woman named Megan Elizabeth told it, her grandparents have made her happy for all of her life and she's always been close to them.

woman smiling with grandparents
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As she shared in a recent TikTok video, however, things have been much harder for her 92-year-old grandpa in recent years because he has been mourning his wife.

Since he has also seen his own health decline as time passes, Elizabeth has made a point of spending as much time as possible with him while she can.

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TikTok | @meganelizabeth1016

As her video expressed, her visits have often taken the form of sleepovers and it seemed that one such get-together was sorely needed on April 23.

As Elizabeth put it, "My 92 year old grandpa called me crying the other day saying he feels lonely."

With this in mind, she jumped at the chance when he invited her to a sleepover and made sure to bring some mashed potatoes from KFC to accommodate his dental struggles.

At his request, she also brought over some cinnamon applesauce and strawberry ice cream.

older man sitting in easy chair and holding strawberry ice cream cone
TikTok | @meganelizabeth1016

In a particularly endearing move, she shared that he always makes a point of calling her his favorite granddaughter regardless of the fact that she's his only one.

As we'll soon see, the pair shared a cozy night in and took in some episodes of his favorite murder mystery show from a long-past decade.

And while Elizabeth held this sleepover to care for him, she soon saw that her grandpa had her comfort firmly in mind as well.

He had apparently ensured that she had some water by her bedside if she needed any during the night. He also made her bed just as he did when she was little with her favorite childhood doll close by.

Most adorably of all, he even gave her a flashlight in case something in the dark scared her.

As she put it, "He's my best friend."