15 Tweets That Are So Relatable It's Like Someone Read My Mind

Danielle Broadway
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Life is stressful, and sometimes, we all just need a laugh here and there to get through. There are many places on the internet to go in search of those epic belly laughs, but we've found that there's no place quite as hilarious as Twitter. This is especially true when it coms to the most relatable Tweets that hit all of the right notes. Luckily, we have 15 of the greatest ones for all of your amusement needs.

1. When you accidentally ghost someone

Pretty much everyone that texts has done this at least once or like every single day — we read a text, aren't ready to reply yet, then act like we didn't see it yet. Then, we randomly remember to reply, sometimes days later. The poor soul who texted us may think we got stuck in a ditch (with no reception), are ghosting them or know us well enough to realized we probably forgot to respond yet again.

2. When therapy seems like a video game boss level

While therapy is typically thought of as a way to explore trauma and develop into a more mindful person, some people think it's kind of like a video game. When people are new to therapy, they may feel like their therapist is educating them. However, it can be like a serious level up moment when we are the ones throwing them for a loop. It's that gratifying yet ridiculous moment when the mentor becomes the mentee.

3. Parents always walk in during movie sex scenes

We don't know how or why this always happens, but most of us can go through an entire movie without anyone so much as glancing in our direction — then like a homing device is locked onto the TV all of a sudden, our parental figure appears (out of nowhere) during the film's sex scene. It's the most awkward situations in the world, and it feels like the short scene lasts a thousand years.

4. Loud breathing when you walk uphill

It can be literally the most awkward thing when you almost die going up a hill because you're trying not to breathe loudly in front of people. For many of us, there's no better indicator that we're out of shape or have breathing problems than this unique form of torture and social shame.

5. The wooden spoon that used to come with ice cream cups

Kids today may not recognize the unique and often splintering experience that it was to eat with one of the wooden spoons that came with ice cream cups. Once even the slightest chomp into the spoon was made, suddenly kids were getting their lil mouths and tongues scratched up, but, boy, was that ice cream worth it.

6. Public bathroom etiquette

Public bathrooms in general are pretty uncomfortable places in which us humans are forced to gather with strangers. So, when it comes to someone knocking on our stalls in a public setting, it's kind of normal for a wave of absolute panic and confusion to come over us. Especially, if they try to open the door and we wonder in horror if we remembered to lock it.

7. The natural habitat of airports

Airports are typically chaotic, as people from all over the world swarm one giant building waiting to fly away to other giant buildings with people from all over the world. It's kind of like the Twilight Zone in the sense that normal rules don't exist there. Food is overpriced, people can knock out on the ground at any time and alcohol is always available, even in the morning.

8. When someone maybe needs checking on

Sometimes we have really weird human interactions that we aren't sure what to make of or do about. In this case, it's wondering if someone needs professional help after they think they deserved to fall down the stairs. It's like, what was all that about? And also — do you need a hug? People be dropping some concerning lines in the oddest of predicaments.

9. Our outlandish dreams

While it's perfectly normal to daydream and even imagine being in one of our favorite movie moments, it's kind of tricky to make those scenarios actually come true. We wish we could have one of those epic film moments, but played out in real life, it would probably be kind of weird.

10. When you're too broke to be burgled

For many, having someone break into their homes and steal valuable items would be traumatic. For others, with literally nothing of actual value in their homes, the idea of someone trying to find anything useful is kind of hilarious. People actually feel pretty bad for the sorry sap that thinks their walking out of that house with anything more than an old reusable bag or a coffee filter.

11. The bro friendship code

There are many people that spend their lives meeting new people and forming more friendships. Then there's these kind of unofficial bro codes of friendship that rely on keeping the same friends from high school forever and never branching out. Okay, so maybe that's more of a niche group of dude bros. Either way, we guess it's safe to say that it saves time to have your friendship roster locked in for life.

12. Sleepy people that hate sleeping

So many of us are forever going down the rabbit hole that is never getting enough sleep while also hating the idea of going to bed early. Whether it's insomnia or a specific aversion to sleep, it can be impossible to get a solid eight hours, let alone one.

13. Tall people problems

People seem more inclined to discuss short people problems, when tall people also have their set of amusing issues. They may be able to reach things, but when it comes to offering to help---they are labeled as rude. Then, if someone asks them to reach something, they're jerks if they say no. Looks like they've got quite the lengthy dilemma.

14. Faking it for a crush

It's not just the stuff of teen movies for one person to pretend to be someone they're not to impress their crush — it actually happens. Sometimes we're willing to go through a lot to show someone we like them, but at some point, the truth is the key to not doing something that's completely bonkers. If it's true love, your crush will likely understand if you don't want to get matching tattoos or party all night. Some of us really can't keep a charade going for that long.

15. Proving we're human to computers

We don't imagine that previous generations that existed without internet would have ever anticipated having to prove their humanity to machines. Yet, most of us have had the ridiculous but real experience of having to do little computer exercises to proof that we're real people to computers.

Let us know what you think of there tweets in the comments and if any or all made you laugh.