TobyKeith the chihuahua sitting on carpet as the world's oldest dog
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21-Year-Old Chihuahua Named TobyKeith Sets World Record As Oldest Living Dog

No matter what age you are, there's always something fascinating about the Guinness World Records.

Part of that comes from the knowledge that no matter what scenario you can think of, they've found the most extreme example of it. And in other cases, we can see their records cover such bizarre activities that it's a wonder anyone even thought to try and set a record for it.

But of course, not all of the records people will end up setting are so ridiculous. Some confirm just how legendary the people we admire are and others inspire us not to give up no matter what hardships we find ourselves dealing with.

And as some will be quick to point out, some world records aren't set by people at all. Some are set by weirdly talented animals and the one we'll be talking about today was set by an uncannily resilient one.

While volunteering at the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue, Gisela Shore of Greenaces, Florida came across a puppy named TobyKeith.

woman holding TobyKeith the chihuahua named world's oldest dog
instagram | @guinnessworldrecords

According to People, the Chihuahua was only a few months old when she adopted him, but has since grown to eclipse even the upper end of the 14 to 16-year lifespan the breed tends to have.

So much so, in fact, that he's earned a Guinness World Record for being the world's oldest living dog at 21 years and 78 days old.

And according to Shore, he's managed to stay in enviable condition when we take his advanced age into account.

TobyKeith the chihuahua sitting on carpet as the world's oldest dog
instagram | @guinnessworldrecords

As she put it in an Instagram video released by the records committee, "He's been with me since he was a puppy. He is in pretty good health considering his age, and he does a lot of sleeping, but other than that, he's doing great."

And while anyone's lifespan can be attributed to a complicated set of circumstances, Shore believes that TobyKeith's lifestyle is a significant factor.

TobyKeith the Chihuaha sitting in dog bed
instagram | @guinnessworldrecords

She shared that in addition to going on daily walks, he has a healthy diet that largely consists of vegetables, rice and chicken.

And she makes a point not to feed him any sugary treats.

TobyKeith is one of three dogs living in Shore's household, which they share with two parrots.

And when the news of the dog's big win came in, Shore celebrated with a day of pampering, a nice car ride, and a special treat.

She didn't specify what kind of treat, but if it's a sugary one, I think we can say he's earned it.

h/t: People