Woman Wonders If She's Wrong For Re-Wearing A Dress To Her Friend's Wedding

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If you happen to have a lot of girlfriends, you know the joy and pain of attending multiple weddings. Not only do you have to buy one dress but possibly a few of them.

So when this one woman posted on Reddit asking for advice in her particular situation, she definitely got a lot of responses. As it turns out, she's been wearing the same exact dress to a few of her friends' weddings, and she's facing a dilemma now. Let's check it out.

Here's the story:

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One Redditor recently confessed that she wears the same blue dress to all of her friends’ weddings. You see, she now lives in Canada, and most of her friends are back in California. So her wardrobe consists of mostly cold-weather items. She only owns a handful of dresses, skirts, and shorts.

So when it comes to traveling for weddings — she brings the same staple items.

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And that's where the problem lies. She happened to wear the same dress to most of her friends' weddings, and now another one of them is getting married. And guess what happened?

She received the wedding invite, alright.

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But the bride specifically told her, "Don’t you dare wear that same blue dress.” Oh my goodness. Is that not a bridezilla moment or what, lol? I don't know about you, but I think it's borderline.

So now she reached out to Reddit's AITA (Am I The Asshole?) subreddit for advice.

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Here's the whole story in her own words if you want to read it. As you can see, she seems quite conflicted about the whole thing. So this isn't some mean-spirited way of not caring about her friend's wedding.

This woman simply has a limited wardrobe.

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And in my opinion, it isn't fair to ask her to buy new clothes every time her friends get married. Here's what some other people said on Reddit.

"NTA [Not the asshole]. RSVP no. And write 'I don't have the budget for a dress and a gift. You choose and contact me.'"

"If they want OP to wear something different so badly I feel it’s on them to buy it."

Hmm, what do you think of that?

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On the other hand, there's this way of thinking:

"NTA but... Is it really such a big deal to get one new dress? Not even an expensive dress, I've found beautiful dresses by thrifting and even at an H&M. You don't have to break the bank really. I mean, if this is something that truly offends you, then you are technically not wrong to stand your ground, but I don't think that this is the hill to die on, and I also think it might be a bit dramatic to ask someone to pay for your dress. This is IMO (sp) a small fry issue. Of course, if they are demanding a specific expensive dress or a black-tie ball gown, that's a whole different ballgame."

I like this response here.

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"NTA. Go back and ask her if she expects the men to all wear new Tuxedos or suits. Actually on a broader note. This wedding is going to be expensive for you. You will have to fly to California and arrange accommodation. It's pretty cheeky entitled to ask someone who is already spending a ton of money to be there on your big day for you to go out and buy something specifically for your wedding. Scrub asking her about the men and their tuxedos send her pictures of your outfits including work and ask her to pick one maybe put the airline tickets in the shot... see if she is brave enough to demand you go shopping. If you do have to I would get a woman's tux and wear it every single time."

Ha, ha, this person here has a point. Am I right?

And there's this advice, too.

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"NTA wear what you want. Maybe try to change it up with a colorful scarf or something, if you want, but you're not required to, and you certainly don't have to get a new dress. But I'm also in Canada, and I have a bunch of dresses (winter ones, summer ones, spring or fall ones). You don't have dresses because you don't want or need them, which is fine, not because of where you live."

I totally agree with that.

What's your take on this story?

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Do you think this woman is in the right to wear what she wants to wear even if it means the same dress to all her friends' weddings? I honestly wouldn't be offended if somebody I knew did that. Everybody has different budgets and different priorities, and we all need to keep that in mind.