Sharon And Ozzy Osbourne Plan On Moving 2 Ukrainian Refugee Families Into Their Estate

Taylor Sakellis
sharon ozzy osbourne smiling red carpet
Getty | Greg Doherty

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are stepping up to help provide aid to Ukrainian refugee families amidst the country's ongoing war with Russia. While speaking with the Sunday Times, the former The Talk host explained her and her husband's plan to welcome two families into their unused estate in the U.K.

I hope this act of kindness is replicated by other celebrities, especially those located close by in Europe.

Sharon Osbourne shared her feelings about U.K.'s Prime Minister Boris Johnson's refugee policies to "The Sunday Times."

She explained she was “furious about the red tape bogging down the process for rehoming Ukrainian refugees” in Britain.

“I think it’s heinous what [Boris Johnson] is doing.”

The 69-year-old explained how well-liked her husband and Black Sabbath are in Ukraine and hopes whichever families come to live in their estate will be happy.

"Ozzy’s very well known in Ukraine. I think they’d be happy.”

The couple plans on moving two Ukrainian families into the unused properties on their Buckinghamshire, U.K. estate.

Ozzy and Sharon previously called fans to action after Russia's invasion.

"We're standing up for Ukraine," the musician said in a social media post, while

Sharon added: "What we've seen is heart-wrenching, and we're answering the call from those on the ground in Ukraine."

Addressing world leaders, Sharon said: "We need them to stand up for refugees everywhere and contribute the billions needed for this crisis."

We're thinking of all those who continue to be affected by the ongoing war.

To find out how you can help those in need, please visit this link.