After 64 Years, Navy Sailor's Romantic Song For His Wife Goes Viral

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Many couples go through life by each other's side and build a strong, special, loving bond. Looking back, couples who have been together for decades have years and years of memories and special moments that they love to talk about and share with the world. Sometimes, those memories that you look back on and cherish so dearly can create something beautiful.

Morton "Mort" Block knows this to be true.

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Block was only 19-years-old when he left on the USS Hazelwood destroyer in the North Atlantic while serving in the Navy. It was December 1958 and he was only thinking about one thing—a girl he had met four months prior to his departure.

He had met Susan Weber on the beach in 1958.

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Block met Weber on the beach and said he was "lovestruck," but he was unsure how she felt about him. He couldn't stop thinking about her, so he decided to write all of his feelings down on paper.

Block's plan was to play her the song when he returned home.

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Block wrote a song with a melody in his head and knew that he wanted to play the song for the girl of his dreams. He thought maybe it would win her over if she knew how he truly felt about her. And, apparently, it did!

Weber said it was the music that got her.

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"He wooed me with music," she told PEOPLE. She also thought he looked great in his Navy uniform, as well. The song, "My Love" became one of their favorite songs together and became a big part of their relationship, too.

The two got married on June 12, 1960.

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Music really can bring people together, because the song "My Love" that Block wrote for Weber stayed with them for decades. Their grandson, who is a music executive, decided that it was a song that would be a hit and he decided to have his grandfather record it.

The song is special for their whole family.

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Matt, their grandson, is the co-founder of La Reserve Records. Their family said that the song was so beautiful, but that much more special because it tells the "story" of their grandparent's love. After recording the song, it has become a popular hit.

Now, decades later, the song is going viral.

Navy Husband Viral Song
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A TikTok video shared on Block's profile plays the song "My Love" over black and white video clips of Weber on their honeymoon, all those years ago. The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times and people are in love with the song.

Block was shocked at the reaction that people had to it.

Navy Husband Viral Song
TikTok | TikTok l mortblock

"It's unbelievable. I never thought anything like this would ever happen, especially at this age. It's like a fresh start," Block told PEOPLE. The song has been in their lives for so many years, but he just now recorded it in his '80s.

Block had not made a career out of music in his youth.

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After his return from the Navy, Block had a long career as a kitchen and bath designer. However, he always loved music and it was always in his heart. He played in jazz bands all throughout his life and always kept music close to him.

People on TikTok celebrated Block's talent, too.

Many people online were floored by the song and by Block's immense talent. Many compared him to Frank Sinatra due to his sultry voice. Others were simply just enamored with the lyrics of the song and thought it was super touching.

Not only is "My Love" a hit, but Block is getting his own LP.

Block shared to everyone following that they should stay tuned for further updates, because they are releasing their own LP, too.

We love to see dreams coming true, no matter what age!