Man Asks If He's Wrong For Secretly Ordering Pizza At Vegetarian Wedding

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Considering how stressful it is to plan a wedding and how many horror stories we hear about dramatic ones, it's a wonder that any of them go well at all.

And although we've seen that weddings are often a time when long-standing family issues can boil over and when people learn things about their partner that throw the whole relationship into question, there are also more mundane problems that can arise during these ceremonies.

Whether it involves how fairly the couple is treating the staff helping them or whether guests can bring their children, matters that people deal with all the time can suddenly take on much more importance on that big day.

That describes the situation we're about to go over well and while it may seem as though we have another case of a guest being unwilling to try a vegetarian menu at first glance, it turns out the problem is more fundamental than that.

When the man we're about to hear from was asked to be a groomsman at the wedding for his friend of 20 years, he had just one question.

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As he explained in a Reddit post, his anxiety medication needs to be taken with food at a certain time of day, so he needed to know what time food would be served.

In addition to this information, he was also informed that the food would be all-vegetarian, which he didn't have an issue with.

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Instead, he was disappointed to see that the entire meal consisted of a small salad, a few tablespoons of corn, and a side of broccoli.

In his words, "I said something like, 'Oh will there be another entre?' and she immediately got defensive so I hushed myself before causing any further tensions."

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But of course, since this paltry serving wasn't sufficient for him, he planned to quietly order a pizza during the reception and sneak out to his car whenever he got hungry.

However, after he told a friend he was doing this, word got around to the wedding party and before he knew it, about 12 of its members wanted in on his plan.

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So while he had originally intended to order just one pizza, he ended up needing four large pies.

Although the man had intended not to add to the bride's stress, she ended up finding out anyway when her mother caught the groom eating some of the pizza as well.

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This prompted her to blow up, telling the man that he had embarrassed her and made her feel cheap, as well as accusing him of only pulling this stunt because it was a vegetarian wedding.

Although he tried to apologize and explain himself before she kicked him out, he suddenly found himself doing this alone.

As he put it, "The other party members that were eating the pizza were all silent, I was thrown to the wolves."

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And while the groom eventually reached out to apologize for the "confusion" the bride still refuses to speak to him.

Worse yet, most of her friends are now calling his actions unforgivable and responsible for her always remembering her wedding as not good enough.

Curiously, this included some of the people who ate as much of the pizza as he did.

Considering how widespread the dissatisfaction with the bride's meal was and how quickly the other guilty parties turned on him, commenters agreed that he wasn't the problem here.

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As one user put it, "Even her husband was eating the pizza. Shes embarrassed that she was being a bad host to the rest of the bridal party and you providing actually filling food to the bridal party highlighted that."

And some seemed to think he should reconsider giving his friend group the time of day.

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In the words of another person, "You need better friends. Because anyone that was out there eating pizza with you, and is now calling you an ah is not your friend."

h/t: Reddit | pizzaweddingthrow