People Who Married The Popular Kid In School Are Sharing How They Turned Out

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When you're a kid in high school, being cool is all that matters. Everyone aspires to be noticed, to date the head cheerleader, or to one day wind up marrying the prom king.

As we get older, however, our perspectives change. We begin to value substance over flash and integrity as opposed to popularity.

So in order to gain a new perspective, have a look below as people who married the popular kid in high school share how they actually turned out.

Proof that people can grow beyond their high school stereotype.

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"My husband was the hockey jock and I was chorus president. We luckily never dated in high school, but met a few years after. Been together over 11 years now and he's the most incredible, patient person I've ever known." - Reddit u/Holy_Hera

You just never know what life has in store.

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This anonymous Redditor claims that their sister married the prom king/star running back from their high school. He's apparently packed on some weight over the years but has since managed to make a very comfortable living as the owner of a raw materials company.

They say that opposites attract.

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In a since-deleted Reddit comment, this user explained how she is an introvert and her husband is an extrovert. In high school, she never knew what to say to him because he was so intimidating. Now, their differences perfectly complement one another.

You have my heartfelt sympathies.

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Redditor mudsharkjr said that her father was a star football player in high school and only met her mother after he'd enrolled in a nursing class (solely to meet girls). After they married, he developed a terrible drug habit and sadly passed away at the age of 52.

They went 0-100mph real quick.

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"Everyone said that my mom looked like Jackie Kennedy. Then she fell into a Marge/Homer relationship with my dad because he had a cool car. She's a frustrated, miserable housewife and they sleep in separate bedrooms." - Reddit u/NotMyHersheyBar

Don't judge a book by its cover.

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Reddit user Runawaybucket said that her husband was a star athlete in school, and was even crowned prom king. She, on the other hand, was a total geek and a member of the school marching band. Despite their differences, he's always been kindhearted, sweet, and loving.

I see you in a whole new light.

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Reddit user bigbouncingpanis says that she used to be married to the popular kid who doubled as the class clown. Later in life, she wound up dating a slightly nerdier classmate a few grades ahead, and now she's never been happier.

We don't all get the benefit of hindsight.

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Unbeknownst to Redditor read110 at the time, he married a certified "mean girl." Since they didn't attend the same high school, he didn't find out that he was dating a Regina George clone until their divorce proceedings.

Happiness is a state of mind, not a material possession.

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Reddit user ChilhowieTourGuide says that both she and her husband were the cool kids in their respective schools. Neither of them went on to do extravagant things after high school, but are both more than content with their incredibly exciting boring life.

That sounds like quite a saga...

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"Well my wife was a Princess, literally. We met when I was in service and hit it off well. Turns out someone was trying to harm her and I managed to swoop in and save the day. I fought the guy and I lost a hand but I finally got rid of him. He had the nerve to tell me he was my father." - Reddit u/Slow-Conclusion2282

Rumor has it...

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According to Redditor BugaliciousDef, his wife was incredibly attractive in high school and the focus of all the school gossip. He makes sure to point out that she's still attractive, even years later, but that he wishes people had taken the time to get to know the real her.

Stories such as this are all too common.

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Reddit user lilymax said that her husband was voted "Best Looking" in high school and had a promising athletic career ahead of him. He wound up shattering his collar bone, along with any dreams of playing professional sports. Now, he's 100lbs heavier and in rehab.

True love makes you mellow.

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Reddit user nymeriaamartell explained that her mom was the prom queen while her father was a hippy/stoner. They've been married for 43 years and in that time have never once raised their voices to one another.

Without you in my life, baby, I just wouldn't be living at all.

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Redditor ZoatDGoat had no idea that their father was popular in school until they had a conversation with their aunt. It turns out he had a ton of offers to play football in college but turned them down to marry the love of his life.

Inside every high school "jock" beats the heart of an untamed nerd just waiting to break free.

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"I married the cool, outgoing, outdoorsy, sporty high school jock. Turns out he’s secretly as geeky and introverted as I am. He’s still the same person 25 years later." - Reddit u/fattyfattybomstix69

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