Fans Fall In Love With Brendan Fraser's Sweet Gesture After Signing Autograph

Mason Joseph Zimmer
Brendan Fraser smiling slightly and extending hand for fist bump at fan meet and greet
TikTok | @imani.goulet

Keanu Reeves has long established himself as one of the internet's favorite people whether he wants to be or not, but recent years have seen Brendan Fraser similarly canonized as a wholesome star that made so many childhoods brighter.

And while his career hit quite the extended rough patch after his hot streak in the '90s and early 2000s, it seems that this renewed appreciation for him has also led to a resurgence of new opportunities.

And while Fraser no doubt relishes this second chance, his appreciation goes deeper than that.

Brendan Fraser in cowboy hat talking to fan in virtual chat
TikTok | @littlelottiecosplay

Because even before that started to happen, it was clear that Fraser was immensely touched by how supportive and protective his fans are of his well-being all these years later.

And as we can see one heartwarming video, these humble reactions to his enduring adoration have only made people love him more.

On April 24, a woman named Imani Goulet uploaded a video to TikTok in which she asked Fraser to autograph her Funko figure of his character in The Mummy at the Calgary Expo.

Brendan Fraser signing Funko toy at fan meet and greet
TikTok | @imani.goulet

And after she told him her name, he immediately pronounced it correctly, which came as a pleasant surprise to her since the name Imani tends to trip most people up.

Although he just shrugged slightly at this, Goulet insisted that this was pretty impressive on his part.

Brendan Fraser rolling his eyes at fan meet and greet
TikTok | @imani.goulet

This compelled Fraser to say, "I've had a lifetime of people mispronouncing my name, I know what it's like."

And after she asked if people have called him "Brandon" all his life, he confirmed this by rolling his eyes as we see here, which Goulet found endearing.

By this point, he had finishing signing the figure so Goulet and her companion thanked him for being so nice and for making their childhoods awesome.

Brendan Fraser smiling slightly and extending hand for fist bump at fan meet and greet
TikTok | @imani.goulet

This was clearly quite affirming for him to hear as a humbled smile crossed his face and he reached out to give both women a fist bump.

As we can tell by Goulet's caption on her video, that simple gesture meant a lot to her and only confirmed how wholesome Fraser is.

As she put it, "Everyone always says to never meet your heroes, I met mine and we almost burst into tears talking to each other."