Bill Murray's 'Inappropriate Behavior' Has Halted Production Of 'Being Mortal'

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Bill Murray looking at the camera.
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Drama on the set of an upcoming film has made its way to the public as news of an accusation against actor Bill Murray is making the rounds. He's reportedly engaged in some 'inappropriate behavior' while filming, and after an investigation by the studio, they've paused production entirely.

This news doesn't come as a shock to some, though, who have long since noticed a pattern in the actor's behavior.

Bill Murray is facing quite the accusation.

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There's been a complaint about the actor's alleged inappropriate behavior on the set of Being Mortal. While the specifics of the complaint remain unknown, it appears to be bad enough to halt the production of the film entirely.

A letter was sent the to film's cast and crew this past Wednesday.

Bill Murray looking at the camera.
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It was from Searchlight Pictures, the film's studio, and it read, "Late last week, we were made aware of a complaint, and we immediately looked into it. After reviewing the circumstances, it has been decided that production cannot continue at this time."

They do indicate that they hope to resume production, meaning it's yet to be canceled.

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"We are truly grateful to all of you for everything you've put into this project. Our hope is to resume production and are working with Aziz and Youree to figure out that timing," they wrote, referring to director Aziz Ansari and producer Youree Henley.

After the news broke, people began sharing how they weren't at all surprised.

Like this Tweet which reminds people that Murray has displayed aggressive behavior for years, yet still receives bookings and is treated like these sorts of accusations have never been made before.

It's not just one instance either.

"He's a bully," writes this user, who shows another instance of someone who worked with Murray facing threats of violence. People are beginning to really hold Murray accountable for what appears to be a long-standing pattern of behavior.

Fans and coworkers alike are speaking out against his attitude.

A Charlie's Angel promo shot with Murray and Liu.
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Just last year, while a guest on the 'Asian Enough' podcast, actress Lucy Liu told the story of an argument she had with Murray while filming the '00s hit Charlie's Angels.

It happened during a rehearsal that Murray wasn't even supposed to be at.

Lucy Liu.
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According to Liu, he showed up anyway and began to "hurl insults" at her and "kept going on and on" with his actions.

She didn't take it lying down, though, saying, "Some of the language was inexcusable and unacceptable, and I was not going to just sit there and take it. So, yes, I stood up for myself, and I don't regret it."

The future of 'Being Mortal' is unknown as of yet.

Aziz Ansari in a white suit.
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According to Variety, nearly half of the film had already been shot before this pause, and was set to be Aziz Ansari's debut as a feature film director. The film is based on a book by author Atul Gawande named Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, a non-fiction work about end-of-life care.

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