Fans Are Concerned After Jessica Simpson's 'Questionable' Instagram Ad

Taylor Sakellis
jessica simpson
instagram | @jessicasimpson

Everyone knows the most effective way to advertise these days is on social media. From clothes to shoes to skincare, every brand is using the power of celebrity and influencers to market the product. Heck, even FLONASE is hopping on the social media advertising trend.

However, the brand's latest collab with Jessica Simpson is raising eyebrows after Jessica's fans felt the ad was "bizarre" and took to social media to discuss it.

Jessica Simpson is Flonase's newest celebrity spokesperson and I want to make it clear I love this for both parties involved.

As someone with gnarly seasonal allergies, I will probably be picking up some Flonase because I love Ms. Simpson.

I think it's safe to say the advertising worked on moi.

However, it's not the partnership that fans are having concerns over.

In addition to the Instagram post that Jessica made promoting the allergy relief spray, there was an accompanying Instagram story that featured Jessica describing the product to her nearly 6 million followers.

In the video, it's clear Jessica is reading off of either a piece of paper or her assistant's iPad which makes sense however the 41-year-old seems nervous.

While explaining how climate change has affected her sinus' and allergies, many fans felt the video was "uncomfortable" to watch.

"I have never seen a more cringe worthy ad in her stories," commented one fan. "Home girl needs to practice learning lines and looking at the camera."

"Really that’s the worst add / commercial by you. With ur eyes all over the place. You couldn’t memorize the cue cards for a simple add?" commented another fan.

"The photo looks ok. The stories are… questionable. Eyes everywhere. Fidgety movements," said a different follower. "Slurring your words in other videos also, voice sounds different," echoed another.

While I'm sure it was just an off-day for Jessica, I'm glad she at least knows how to keep her allergies under control?