People Are Sharing Their Habits That Might Not Be As Normal As They Think

Person listening to a boombox
Unsplash | xz

As human beings, we're more similar than we are different.

That doesn't mean we don't develop some weird habits over time, though. In fact, most of us probably think there's at least one thing we do that literally no one else on the planet does.

Whether this is true or not, you might feel a little less unique after reading about some weird habits in this r/AskReddit thread.

Absolutely necessary during the summer months.

Person sleeping with one foot outside sheets
Unsplash | DANNY G

"I sleep with my feet outside of the blanket so my feet can 'breathe.' I feel suffocated if my feet are under the blankets."


"Me too. As a result, when I’m camping, sleeping bags have always been challenging for me."


No notifications gang rise up!

Person holding a phone with a latte
Unsplash | Marianne Krohn

"Clearing a notification off my phone as soon as I get it, deleting most of my texts after a few days, and then swiping up on any open pages/apps at the end of the day."


Whatever floats your boat.

Man driving a car
Unsplash | why kei

"I often tap my fingers or nod my head or some other kind of acknowledgement along with the center line dashes that pass as I drive."


"I like to improvise drum solos over the rhythm of my turn signal when I'm stopped at lights."


I might start doing the same.

Empty toilet paper holder
Unsplash | Mick Haupt

"I've muttered 'Lock and Load' every time I change a toilet paper roll for the last 12 years."


"I do the same except I say 'tactical reload' and try to take the toilet paper off and on put it on really fast."


Introverts unite!

Woman talking on a phone
Unsplash | Timur Repin

"Cancelling plans by actually saying I changed my mind instead of making up an excuse."


"This is pretty consistent in my immediate social circle at least. I let people know if I’m not feeling social that day or just having a bad brain day overall, and they do the same."


Well, that doesn't sound pleasant.

Woman covering her face
Unsplash | Anthony Tran

"Against my will, my mind will imagine horrific scenarios wherein some tragic death scene of a loved one plays out. It used to be my doggies, but now that I'm a mom, I imagine *my* death, because that would be tragic to my kid (and maybe I just can't imagine my own kid's death, thankfully!)."


We probably all have weird toothbrush habits.

Toothbrushes in a holder
Unsplash | Nati Melnychuk

"I wet my toothbrush, put on the toothpaste and then wet it again.

Always wondered if this was normal but never asked."


"I used to do this until very recently. I was wondering one day if the second wetting makes any noticeable difference.

After a bit of testing, no wetting is very noticeable and not recommended, but I didn’t notice any difference between one or two wettings."


Just a little bit awkward.

Woman covering her mouth
Unsplash | Spencer Backman

"When I have a cringe thought or something negative on my mind I'll make some noise out loud to interrupt said thought."


"I do this all the time! My husband has finally (mostly) learned to ignore it instead of asking me why I made the noise."


When math doesn't come easily to you, this is the way.

Man rubbing his temples
Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

"When I add 7 + 4, I break up the 4 into 3+1. 7+3 is obviously 10, 10+1=11.

There [are] probably several other examples of math problems I break up in my head to make solving easier."


This is normal, right?

Man sitting in chair, leaning on his hands
Unsplash | jose aljovin

"I have conversations and heated debates with myself. Not out loud but I'm fixated on something I will zone out and like 4 versions of me are in my head. I have a lot to say but why say it out loud when you already have 4 people in your head you can talk to."


I swear I'm not a thief!

Store open sign
Unsplash | Mike Petrucci

"Feeling like you're looked at suspiciously when you leave a store without buying anything."


"Or entering a small mom and pop shop where the clerk is super friendly, and feeling like you HAVE to buy something before you leave or else you'd be a huge jerk."


Not a bad idea.

A grassy field
Unsplash | Phil Goodwin

"Whenever I leave a spot I've been sitting in outside, I make sure to look back and check if I've dropped anything."


"I don't know if you got this tendency from going to music festivals, but it is absolutely a pro tip."


Nothing wrong with that.

Water bottles
Unsplash | quokkabottles

"The amount of water I can consume. I know they say you should drink when you are thirsty, but I can be thirsty a lot, especially during warm weather / summer days.

I can easily drink 100oz (or about 3L) of water a day."


Mind readers, does this happen?

Pushing a shopping cart in a store
Unsplash | Eduardo Soares

"If I'm out in public (grocery store, school pick up line, doc office, etc), I'll have a quick thought of 'I wonder if anyone is reading my mind right now. Quick! Don't think of anything weird!' and then I proceed to automatically start thinking of weird [stuff] or trying to tell this imaginary mind reader that I'm totally not a weird person or side-eyeing people that I see."


Dream a little dream.

Woman sitting on a dock
Unsplash | mix909

"I daydream constantly. I'll sit there and be imagining I'm the hero of some story, or I just won a billion dollars and how I'm spending it. I just have an imagination I get lost in when nothing is happening."


It's always important to have a strategy.

Potato chips
Unsplash | Jeff Siepman

"Look at each side of a potato chip/dorito to determine what side I want to put against my tongue."


"Yes, because the cheesiest side of the dorito needs to be directly on the taste buds."


I think everyone's done this.

Man surrounded by origami
Unsplash | J. Balla Photography

"Having imaginary conversations with people, that I know will never actually happen in real life."


"The brain remembers emotional arguments. Sometimes in the shower I have to step back and remind myself Hey this isn't really happening and I don't want to carry these feelings into my real-world relationship with these people."


Always be vigilant.

Hand in a pocket
Unsplash | Frank Flores

"Putting my hands on my pockets where I keep my phone/wallet when I closely pass by someone, just in case they may be a pickpocket."


"I’ll grip my phone tighter whenever anyone walks by in the city."


What if it doesn't work?

A microphone
Unsplash | Matt Botsford

"Whenever I haven't talked to a person for a couple of hours, I just say something out loud to test if my voice still exists."


"I do that if my husband goes away and I'm at home alone for a few days. A few hours before he comes back I check my voice still works."


The best songs are the ones you can click along to.

Person listening to a boombox
Unsplash | Eric Nopanen

"If I have a song stuck in my head I often click my teeth to the drum beat. When my wife notices me doing it she asks me what the song is."