Woman Divides Internet By Making A List Of Rules For Her Funeral

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Many people think about their lives from time to time—like, when they are going to pass and how long they are going to live. While we don't want to think about it, we are going to all die eventually.

Many of us know that our friends and family are going to inevitably have a funeral service for us when we do go. And, from attending funerals in our lifetime, some of us have things we "do and do not" want at our own funeral.

Thinking about your own death can seem kind of morbid.

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Thinking about your own death can seem pretty morbid and upsetting, but in reality, it's inevitable. We are all going to die one day, so why not think forward and plan ahead so that people know what you want in your "going out" party?

Some have requests for their funeral.

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Some people tell their friends and family what they want for their funeral—like, if they want an open casket service, if they want to be cremated, or if they want to be buried. Some plan where they are going to be buried, or where they want their ashes scattered around.

However, there are others who have more specific requests.

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While these funeral plans and requests are rather "normal" and standard, like people who put it in their will, there are those who have even more detailed and specific requests about what they want at their funeral and how they want people to arrive and act.

One TikTok user recently shared her list of "rules" for her funeral.

Funeral Rule List
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TikTok user J Mist Official shared a video that has now gone viral with over 1 million likes and 5 million views discussing the very specific rules she has for her funeral. In fact, she breaks down just what she wants and how she wants her funeral to be put on.

Some of the rules are about who can and cannot attend.

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The TikTok user said to get in, the person has to show a photo of the two of them because she doesn't want "any fakes" attending her funeral. She also said she wants only "light glam" in her casket—she doesn't need the full glam. As well, no one can hover over her casket, no matter how sad they are.

Other rules include chewing gum when paying respects.

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J Mist said she doesn't want "anyone's grief breath" in her face, even if she can't smell. All funeral speeches must be under 5 minutes each, too. And, if people "fake memories," she'll have someone call them out on it for sure.

No black clothing allowed, either.

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She said it "isn't a doomsday" party, so lighten the mood and show up in some color. Beyond that, no "finger food" will be passed around. She said she only wants soul food served and on top of that, there's an open bar with a 2 drink minimum.

The final rule? No crying for excessive amounts of time.

While it is a funeral, the TikTok user said she's putting a time limit on how long people can cry. 20-minute crying sessions only and after that, wrap it up or step outside. She doesn't want her whole funeral to be brought down by over-grieving.

People online thought it was far too perfect.

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Many people said that the video was too funny and that some of the rules were golden. A lot of them appreciated that the TikTok user referred to funeral attendees as her guests as though she is hosting the party and is not dead.

Others felt that the list of rules were excessive.

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Some TikTok users felt that, while it was funny, the TikTok user cannot be serious. Many pointed out funerals are for people to grieve, not for someone to make excessive rules about what they can and cannot do.

However, one person said the black has to stay.

Black Clothes
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"No I want everyone wearing black cuz it makes everyone look good baby but the rest sounds about right (but since I’m a bean I would like a taco lady)," shared another TikTok user.

Others agreed—black outfits forever.