Aaron Paul Celebrates Birth Of First Son And Names Bryan Cranston Godfather

Mason Joseph Zimmer
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston smiling in the back of a truck
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It's hard to watch Breaking Bad without becoming invested in Walter White and Jesse Pinkman as characters, and it's just as hard to binge the series without appreciating the clear chemistry stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul showed while playing those characters together.

But while Pinkman and White grow further apart as the series progresses, the opposite was true for Paul and Cranston. Not only have they stoked a friendship that has blossomed into a full-on bromance, but they've also created a Mezcal company together called Dos Hombres.

Although that would already suggest the two have spent a lot of time together since the show first aired, a recent announcement by Paul has revealed that their bond is now even more sacred than we thought.

In the years since Breaking Bad wrapped, Paul has seen some major developments in both his professional and personal life.

Aaron Paul holding daughter dressed in Breaking Bad jumpsuit
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And as Entertainment Tonight reported, one of the biggest moments came four years ago when he became a father to his daughter Story five years after marrying Lauren Parsekian.

And by December 2 of 2021, Paul announced on Instagram that he and Parsekian were about to have another baby.

Lauren Parsekian lifting her shirt as daughter Story admires her pregnant belly
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As he wrote in the caption of his post, "Love you so much already little one. Can’t wait to meet you number 2."

And while it's unknown when he was finally able to meet their new child, Paul announced that he's arrived to Jimmy Fallon during an appearance on The Tonight Show.

In his words, "His name is Rydan and I love him."

baby Rydan swaddled
instagram | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

And while life with a new baby has been as exhausting as you might expect, he's said he's found himself forgetting how tiring that work is.

But as for how Story is getting along with her new brother, it seems things couldn't be better.

baby Rydan swaddled and yawning
instagram | @aaronpaul

As he put it, "She's madly in love with him, can’t squeeze him enough. Like lays on top of him, suffocates him. It's her doll."

During his chat with Fallon, Paul also revealed that he asked Cranston to be Rydan's godfather.

baby Rydan swaddled and looking happy
instagram | @aaronpaul

And while he joked that Cranston refused, his co-star and business partner's real answer was closer to what we might have guessed.

As Paul said, "He’s very excited, very honored. I love the man to death he is one of my best friends in the world and it’s a no brainer."

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston smiling in the back of a truck
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It sounds like the little guy has just hit the jackpot!

h/t: Entertainment Tonight