People Share The Things That Never Fail To Cheer Them Up, No Matter What

Friends laughing
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Everyone needs a pick-me-up from time to time, but sometimes it's tricky to know just what's going to work in a given moment.

If you're feeling down in the dumps, it's worth having a look through these ideas, curated from the r/AskReddit thread, "What makes [you] happy no matter how down you are?"

With any luck, that frown is about to be turned upside-down.

Connecting with nature.

Woman hiking
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"A good walk in the forest, sitting by a lake for a while or hiking in the mountains, that’s like therapy for me."


"Sometimes I don’t even realize how down and ratty I’m feeling until I get into nature and feel so much better."


Appreciate the little things.

A running dog
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"April is my hardest month for my depression and last week was particularly rough. I started ruminating when I was sitting on the couch. Then the rumination led me to just being angry at the world and I'm about ready to get up and just go drink my sorrows away when my dog Yoshi jumped up on the couch and farted on her way up."



Adventure Time gif

"Cartoons. I'm 35/f but if I really feel down I'll put on my favourite cartoons to binge for a while. I think it's a healthy coping mechanism. Healthier than my unhealthy ones anyway."


"Right on. Cartoons and sushi nights got me through some sad times."


A sense of gratitude.

Woman looking upward
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"Remembering the people who aren't as fortunate as me and than realizing how lucky I am to have such a beautiful family and home. I stop taking it for granted and treat it as though it's my last day on earth. Mostly works I would say."


Watching reaction videos.

Woman doing a spit take

"Watching reaction videos on YouTube.

"Seeing people the first time they hear Chris Stapleton, Billie Eilish, Procol Harum's Whiter Shade of Pale.

"Seeing it cut across cultural, race, nationalities, as they just realize that the music is next level."


Going on a treasure hunt.

Group hiking in the mountains
Unsplash | Justin Buisson

"Going out mineral collecting in the mountains. Doesn’t matter if it is solo or with friends. Being out hiking through the mountains on a treasure hunt is the perfect combo of relaxing, refreshing and exciting. There is also nothing like the rush you get when you get the first glimpse of a really good find or mineral pocket poking out of the ground."


Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg gif

"Snoop Dogg. I can't explain it, because I'm a 58 year old white woman who has never listened to his music, but for some reason he never fails to make me smile."


"If Snoop or Shaq don’t make you laugh and put you in a good headspace, I’m going to assume life is at Defcon 1."


Working on your car.

Man working on a car
Unsplash | Sten Rademaker

"Working on my car. I’ve always fell in love with cars. It’s sounds childish but cars have always been my anchor. When I’m working on them, drive them, all my stresses go away and I have a smile on my face. I’ve fallen in love in my car, I’ve fallen out of love with my car. I’ve cried in my car, I’ve screamed with joy in my car."



Gummy bears
Unsplash | Amit Lahav

"There's this cheap Turkish candy, called Eti Puff.

It's a cookie with marshmallow and sprinkles on top. Whenever I buy some and take a whiff I start smiling. When I have it my entire day is saved. There hasn't been a single instance when it didn't help at least."


Playing drums.

Drummer gif

"Sitting down behind my drum kit and playing to 'He Mele No Lilo' from the Lilo & Stitch movie…

"There’s so much room and space in that song for improvisation, and the tempo allows for both going to town on the kit (doing so doesn’t really compliment the song) and taking it incredibly easy as well…"



A snowboarder
Unsplash | Alessandro Maculotti

"Snowboarding, only done the sport for a week but its become my main source of happiness. Watching hours worth of pro snowboarders going off-piste or doing big air jumps can keep me going for hours!"


"Definitely the greatest feeling on earth. I’m with you."


Having something to look forward to.

A smiling man
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"Thinking about something I am looking forward to doing (even if it's as simple as watching a movie, seeing a friend, giving a person a gift). Looking forward to the small happiness I get for small activities pushes me through and I am thankful every time I reach one of those moments."



Mouse eating cheese gif

"Jumpin Jesus I love me some cheese. From the dollar store crap to the canned stuff to throwing a chunk in a pan and eating it burnt. Cheese is the best."


"Cheese is physically addictive. There's studies on casomorphins, a product of the protein casein."


Going for a drive.

Car on a highway
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"I always feel better immediately if I go for a drive, now I am not 17, I do not have a license. but I do have friends and family that usually go out for cruise nights every Sunday if it's nice out. It's always fun meeting with everybody."


Getting a good sense of perspective.

Thinking gif
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"Remembering my own life story. I've come so far in life, it makes me smile every time I put all of it in perspective."


"Hear, hear brother! From years of homelessness to almost graduating engineering school here!"


Some 'za.

A pizza
Unsplash | Fernando Andrade

"Pizza. Pizza has never failed me. Pizza doesn’t yell, pizza doesn’t hurt me, pizza is never disappointed in me. Even when pizza is cold, it still makes me happy.

When people talk bad about pizza, I get sad. I ask, What did pizza ever do to you??"


Watching funny animal videos.

Gif of dog on treadmill

"There are SO many videos to watch nowadays, between [Reddit] and TikTok. My hubby will watch cat vids for hours on end. Big old corn fed mean looking dude, giggling like a child at cat videos."


The love of a pet.

A cat
Unsplash | Manja Vitolic

"My sweet boy comes running when he hears me crying and will roll around endlessly for belly rubs. He also nags me when I'm cooking to hurry up because he was already served his food but he wants everyone to eat together."



family lifting up child
Unsplash | Hana El Zohiry

"My son, he’s my absolute world and if he sees me crying he gives me a hug. He’s only 2, but he has the kindest heart of anyone I’ve ever met."


"Having a child is so rewarding. I’m blown away anytime I hear that a parent doesn’t want anything to do with their child. Mine changed my life."


When friends try to cheer you up.

Friends laughing
Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"I was gonna say someone genuinely trying to cheer me up helps. Even if they're doing the most basic things or saying the dumbest things just to get me to laugh, it helps a ton."