A bride and groom.
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People Are Furious After A Woman Got Denied Time Off Work For Her Own Wedding

While requesting time off work can be tricky (do I have enough vacation days? What if I have a better reason to want time off later? What if my boss says no?) it goes without saying that there are some events that should get you time off work no matter what your employment is. Getting married is definitely one of them — after all, it's not something you would fake, and for most of us, it only happens once!

The Internet was appropriately shocked when one nurse tweeted that she had been denied time off for that very reason.

A Twitter user, @PostOpPrincess, shared their plight in a tweet that quickly went viral.

"Guess who's request off work got denied for their own wedding," they wrote, adding, "Prepare the others I ain't gone be there."

The tweet, which has currently amassed over 245k likes and 11k retweets, resonated with people.

People quickly began sharing their own stories of time off requests being denied.

"This happened to me. Told them I'd be using personal days in that case, but maybe they'd rather me use some of my over 300 hours unused vacation time, because I may decide I want those hours paid out since it's been a few years since my last vacation. They changed their mind," read one tweet. It always helps to hit them where it hurts — their wallets!

It was unfortunately a common occurrence.

"I was denied a day off for my MRI scan after requesting it a month+ before because a handful of coworkers requested the day off together to go to Disneyland," one user replied.

"Many years ago, I asked to come in half an hour late for a week because I had a gap in child care. The office manager said it would put too much strain on the rest of the staff. I still wonder how much strain it put on them when I never went back," another person tweeted.

It's almost unbelievable the reasons people have been denied time off.

"Called out the day after my mother died unexpectedly. I was in training and shadowing, so no not critical to the job. Boss yelled at me and said she wouldn’t allow it again. You mean, if my mother dies again? Decided not to go forward with job, and let HER boss know why," tweeted one user.

Have you ever been denied time off in a situation like this? Let us know in the comments!