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Kardashian Family Slammed For 'Wasteful' Easter Celebrations

I'm a big believer in people being able to spend their money how they'd like. My philosophy is that if it's not hurting anyone, it's fine by me. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule (I'm looking at you, billionaires of the world who aren't trying to save our planet) and celebrities wreaking havoc on the environment with obscene amounts of single-use plastics are certainly one of them.

We all know how important it is to make as many environmentally conscious decisions as we can.

save the planet
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I've stopped using plastic straws and take my recycling very seriously. The average person has been made to believe it's our fault that the earth is melting and filled with plastics.

However, we know it's not our fault. In fact, we know there are very few people who can make the monumental changes we need to set us back on the right path.

Despite this, it becomes increasingly more frustrating when we see celebrities — the 1% — being so wasteful at every possible turn.

The Kardashians are a great example of this overconsumption and now, the famous family is getting called out for their wasteful event practices.

In a viral TikTok posted by @slowly.erin, the "hyperconsumption" of the Kardashians were highlighted in a video montage of Kim's Easter Instagram stories.

"When I used to feel guilty using a plastic coffee cup meanwhile celebrities create this much waste w their hyperconsumption for one holiday."

"In a climate crisis Kimberly??? This isn’t goals this is honestly grotesque," Erin captioned the post.

The comments were quickly filled with people equally as upset at the display.

"They have no sense of social responsibility for the amount of influence and disposable income they have. Very frustrating to watch!" commented one user.

it makes me sad
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"it’s so depressing honestly and it’ll all get chucked once the day is over," said another.

"I feel like it's not even enjoyable for the kids at that point like it's just too much," agreed a different user.

TikToker @plantawhisperer also posted a video in regards to the family's hyperconsumption, and as you can see, her face says it ALL.

"There are no rules for the wealthy, I don’t know how the shift would happen but I’m hoping for it," said one user.

"we should all just start commenting 'this is embarrassing' on hauls with no further explanation until it catches on," suggested another viewer.

Honestly, that plan gets a big YES from me!