Homeless Man's Life Improves After His Birthday Party For Dog Is Caught On Video

Mason Joseph Zimmer
man laughs while holding two small dogs
Facebook | Rótelo, parche comunicativo

One of the most anxiety-inducing parts of life is the fact that we never know how our plans will turn out.

And we can see that stories detailing how homeless people have ended up in the positions they now find themselves in. In many cases, they had a promising start that was hampered by issues none of them could have foreseen and that many of the people they once knew weren't even aware of.

In some cases, we can even find that when some homeless people reunite with the ones they love, their families and friends had given up hope they were even still alive.

But as sad and surprising as their tales can be, that doesn't mean that things are always hopeless for those living on the street. And that's a fact that one man is now overwhelmed by after years of rough living.

While walking in Bucaramanga, Colombia, an unknown bystander took a video of a man named Choco doting on his two dogs.

homeless man putting birthday party hat on his dog
instagram | @joseluis.matos.7906

And it quickly became clear that Choco was celebrating his dog Shaggy's (pictured left) birthday alongside his other companion Nena.

Since this was clearly a special occasion for him, he sprung for not only these adorable party hats, but also a small cake for his pets.

Appropriately, he then stuck a couple of candles into the cake and sang happy birthday to Shaggy.

homeless man lighting birthday candle on cake for dog in party hat
instagram | @joseluis.matos.7906

And as we can see in the video, Choco showed the dogs a lot of affection and made sure neither of them were denied hugs and kisses on this special day.

This scene ended up filling the person who captured it with curiosity, which led to what would turn out to be a life-changing exchange.

homeless man sitting in colorful public square in Colombia with two dogs
instagram | @joseluis.matos.7906

According to Bored Panda, the person filming the video approached Choco afterwards and learned that he had spent several years living on the street by this point.

He had apparently become homeless after fleeing an abusive home and remained committed to taking care of Nena and Shaggy to the best of his ability, no matter his hardships.

homeless man kisses dog wearing birthday party hat
instagram | @joseluis.matos.7906

After the video went viral, locals were able to track down the park he was staying at and started donating food and other supplies to ensure both he and his dogs could sustain themselves.

As we can see here, it also became a tradition for these well-wishers to have him take pictures with their dogs.

man laughs and holds two small dogs while someone films him with his phone
Facebook | Rótelo, parche comunicativo

One of the members of the community also gave him a phone and he now has an Instagram account with over 180,000 followers. Better yet — at least as of March 6 — it seems that he now has a roof over his head as well.

According to Bored Panda, he's been selling shirts and donating a percentage of the proceeds to efforts to stop animal abuse.

man in glasses petting dogs and smiling
instagram | @joseluis.matos.7906

He dreams of becoming a musician and of opening his own animal shelter.

As he told his fans in a post from January 9, "Thank you very much for all your blessings."

h/t: Bored Panda