Dolly Parton Reveals The Worst Advice She Received In Her Career: 'Nobody Would Take Me Seriously'

Rae Batchelor
Dolly Parton smiles at hte camera.
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It's hard to imagine anyone criticizing Dolly Parton for everything. Not only is she a legend in the country music scene, but she's also one of the funniest, sweetest, most down-to-earth celebrities in the world, who's contributed to causes like literacy and even vaccines! But before Dolly Parton was a legend, she was just a singer trying to make it, and some people gave her some bad advice we're all very glad she never followed.

Dolly Parton's look is as iconic as she is.

Dolly Parton in a yellow dress raising her arms and lifting the skirt of the dress.
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It's hard to imagine Dolly Parton without blonde curls stacked all the way to high heaven, bright outfits (preferably with sparkles, sequins, or rhinestones), bright, colorful makeup, and statement jewelry. The look perfectly compliments her larger-than-life personality, but not everyone was a fan of this combination from the very start.

Dolly has opened up about the worst advice she's received in her career in a new podcast appearance.

Dolly Parton dressed in a Playboy Bunny costume.
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"The main advice that people wanted to give me was to change my look – to go simpler with my hair and the way that I dress," she said on the WorkLife With Adam Grand podcast.

"People wanted me to change, they thought I looked cheap. But I patterned my look after the town tramp," she said.

Dolly explained people wanted her to "not to look so cheap."

Dolly Parton pointing and smiling.

"Nobody was ever going to take me seriously, they would say," Dolly explained. But her look wasn't just chosen at random, so she stuck with it.

"The way I look and the way I looked then was a country girl's idea of glam, just like I wrote in my 'Backwoods Barbie' song," she said, explaining why she went with the style and glam look that she became famous for.

"I wasn't a natural beauty," Dolly went on.

Dolly Parton saying there is no such thing as a natural beauty.

"So, I just like to look the way I look. I'm so outgoing inside in my personality, that I need the way I look to match all of that," she said.

While we agree that Dolly's look is fantastic and suits her perfectly, we're sure Dolly is gorgeous no matter how she chooses to dress or style herself — but we're definitely glad she didn't listen to the people who told her to tone it down!

Can you imagine Dolly in a more toned-down style? Let us know in the comments!