Viral Vid Of People Singing Christian Music In Plane Aisle Sparks Debate

Ashley Hunte
Two hands holding and using a wooden acoustic guitar.
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When you fly on an airplane, you probably expect to hear conversations, or maybe a crying baby or two. What you probably aren't expecting, though, is to watch someone break out their guitar and start singing religious music.

But that actually did happen on a flight, and it's been at the center of plenty of online debate.

A video shows a couple leading a Christian song while in the middle of an airplane aisle.

The video, uploaded by Jack Jensz Jr., shows himself and his wife loudly singing a Christian song while he plays guitar. The caption on the post reads, "Worshipping our King Jesus 30,000 feet in the air!"

This may actually be a reupload, though.

worshipping Jesus 30,000 feet in the air, singing in a plane cabin with guitar
twitter | @davenewworld_2

According to Daily Dot, the video was originally uploaded to Facebook, where it was then deleted and reuploaded to Instagram. As of now, commenting on the post is limited.

It's also been shared plenty of times around social media.

Including on Twitter, where people are debating whether or not this kind of behavior is appropriate when on a plane. For most, it seems like nothing more than a major disturbance.

Some think the intention was to be disruptive.

I mean, you kind of can't bring a guitar onto a plane, start playing it and singing, and expect 100% of the passengers to sing along or think it's a good idea.

Others pointed out the double standard in place.

Including Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar, who pointed out that people of other faiths likely wouldn't be able to get away with singing religious songs in the aisles of a commercial flight like this.

Others came to the defense of Jensz Jr. and his group.

The debate, of course, wasn't one sided. There were plenty of people who sided with the musical church-goers, thinking that their music was a harmless way to spread joy and express their religion.

Jensz Jr. is a founder of Kingdom Realm Ministries.

The top of a church steeple, showing the cross among a cloudy sky.
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Reportedly, they were on the flight to travel to Europe, in order to aid refugees who have been escaping Ukraine during the invasion. They helped by bringing groceries and other items to refugees.

Obviously, this kind of help is amazing!

A hand with a white sleeve reaching out to a second hand, also with a white sleeve.
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And the way they've been using their faith to help those in need is nothing but commendable. But when it comes to scenes like the Instagram video, that's much less welcome.

This isn't an isolated occurrence, it seems.

In a separate Instagram post, Jensz Jr. and his team can be seen spreading gospel on a train.

"God is moving powerfully here in Poland & Ukraine!" he writes.

All in all, the main issue people take is that these kinds of performances can be annoying to others.

A person with his hands over his ears as distortion surrounds him.
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People use their time on planes, trains, and other methods of transit to catch up on sleep. And whether you're subject to gospel music or a top 40 hit, you probably aren't going to like being disrupted by impromptu singing.