Brooklyn Beckham, 23, Takes New Wife's Surname As His Middle Name

Taylor Sakellis
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Kids today get a lot of flack from the older generations, but there are a lot of things they're doing right. Sure, we can mock them for being on social media a lot, but they're becoming a lot more educated and empathetic to people and struggles all over the world.

These young kids are also building relationships with a lot more equality and teamwork than our parents and grandparents did.

More and more women are choosing to keep their own last name when getting married.

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I for one know I will be keeping my last name after I tie the knot — it's the decision I feel most comfortable with and I'm lucky that my partner supports me.

However, if he REALLY wanted to support me, he would do what Brooklyn Beckham recently did and he'd take my last name as his new middle name.

And yes, I'm talking about Victoria and David Beckham's 23-year-old son, Brooklyn Beckham.

The model recently tied the knot with 27-year-old heiress Nicola Peltz.

When sharing the news on social media, Brooklyn captioned the wedding photo "Mr. & Mrs. Peltz Beckham."

Prior to the nuptials, it was reported that Brooklyn would take his wife's name by adding it as an additional middle name, making his full name Brooklyn Joseph Peltz Beckham.

Naturally, Nicola posted the same photo where she used the same caption as her new hubby.

I love how progressive and modern this is!