Professional 'Baby Namer' Gets Paid Big Bucks To Name People's Kids

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It looks like there are some people in the baby naming business, and business is booming for one woman. People are usually looking for unique names for their kids that hold special meanings, but with so many names out there, it's hard to find the right one. That's when it's time to call in the big guns, otherwise known as the professional baby namer. We've got all the details about this trailblazing namer of babies.

Taylor A. Humphrey founded "What's in a Baby Name".

Many people don't realize that they can hire baby name consultants to help them find the ideal names for their little ones. 33-year-old New Yorker, Taylor A. Humphrey, discovered she had a knack for baby naming and took things to the next level in 2015. She created social media accounts to use as her platform for sharing baby name recommendations, and before she know it, she was training to be a doula and starting her own business. As a professional baby naming consultant, Humphrey wants people to enjoy the process of giving the newborns special names.

Humphrey has a loyal TikTok following.

With over 46,000 TikTok followers, Humphrey is getting a reputation for being the master of baby names. She takes on a lot of different name options that relate to locations, seasons, celebrities and even bad baby names. We can only pray that none of us make her bad baby name list.

She also brings baby names to Instagram

From explaining how people react to learning a job like hers exists to helping couples at odds agree on a baby name, Humphrey keeps busy on Instagram. She and her 25,000 followers enjoy talking all things baby names and how Humphrey also works as a Reiki practitioner

and offers 1:1 phone consultations for every naming need.

Humphrey makes bank for baby names.

Some may think of a baby naming consultant and think it's a made-up job or a side gig at best, but for Humphrey---it's pretty darn lucrative. Her services start at $1,500, but can go up to $10,000 for a special name that would be an ideal fit for a parent's business and fit their own particular set of branding. Basically, Humphrey's services aren't what you may call an impulse purchase.

She doesn't have any kids of her own.

While she's a baby naming pro, Humphrey hasn't named any babies of her own yet. Fortunately, followers don't seem to be questioning her credibility. In fact, they come to her with all of their burning baby name questions. Her experience as a doula has shown that she's passionate about newborns and the names they get when they come into the world.

She keeps culture in mind.

It shouldn't be a mystery — different names come from different places. There are so many cultures in the world, and names have an important connections to them. Some people aren't just looking for traditional American names, they want names from all over the world to consider. This is another area in which Humphrey's services come in handy. She helped a family looking for a name for their Lebanese and French baby girl that would grow up in America. So, Humphrey compiled 50 custom name options for them based on the countries of origin and American culture. Her top recommendation for that couple was the name Chloe. She makes it her mission to ask people about their names and their stories before making recommendations.

People are always asking baby name questions in the comments

TikTok comments
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With prices possibly a bit out of some people's budgets, parents take to the comments section to try to get some free name advice. Sometimes Humphrey offers a suggestion or two for them and asks for feedback and comments to gauge what people think. This back and forth often leads to come interesting baby name conversations, and maybe even inspire some real-life baby naming.

Humphrey even helps with sibling names.

When it comes to a new baby name in the brigade, people tend to enjoy cohesiveness, meaning a fitting sibling name that goes with the others. It's interesting to imagine baby names being like matching shoes, but people are eager to have a good pair of sibling baby names. So, Humphrey makes sure she can delivery the top 10 names to match a variety of sibling names.

She's just getting started.

Whether she's scanning film credits for name ideas, using a social security database, networking with other baby namers and more, Humphrey is constantly researching what makes an exceptional baby name. She sees 2022 as a time for multi-syllable names that may be longer than what many are accustomed to. Her up-to-date research on all things baby names ensures that babies go through life with the best names possible. After all, babies are the name of the game.

Let us know what you think in the comments of Humphrey's professional baby naming business and if you'd ever hire a baby naming consultant.