Nurse Continues Tradition Of Bringing Hospital Volunteer Flowers After Her Husband Passes Away

Kasia Mikolajczak
Nurse and volunteer at a hospital
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It's amazing when people volunteer their time to help others out. You can see that they're doing it out of the goodness of their heart. And that can be apparent when you talk about this one 95-year-old lady who's been volunteering at her local hospital for 25 years.

But it's the nurse anesthetist who did something very special for this lady. I promise that this beautiful story will warm your heart. Check it out and try not to shed a tear, alright?

95-year-old Pat has been a volunteer at the Rush Hospital for many years.

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Over those years, she has met many staff members, but one of them really stood out. Pat and Mohammad first met in 2008, when he was working as an Arabic medical interpreter. At that time, his office was a shared space with hospital volunteers. That's how his friendship with Pat started.

When Pat's husband passed away, Mohammad knew he had to do something special for his friend.

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Pat's husband used to surprise her with flowers, so Mohammad decided to carry the tradition on for her. And since then he has been showing up unexpectedly and surprising Pat with a bouquet.

Mohammad usually ends up tricking Pat.

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He calls the volunteer office and makes sure Pat is there because she's the one who usually picks up the phone. Then he tells her that he's calling from overseas so she doesn't suspect anything. Just when he's got her wrapped up in conversation he shows up at the door with a bouquet of flowers.

Awww, isn't this the sweetest thing ever?

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And get this, Mohammad does this a few times a year. Oh my goodness, my heart can't take this now. And this year, for Pat's 95th birthday, he did something even better. You're seriously going to love this. Mohammad created a video that shows clips of him showing up to surprise Pat with flowers. He wanted to put together something that showcased their relationship.

Oh my gosh, what did I tell you?

Wait until you see this video. I don't think there will be a dry eye after you see this. I can't get over how wonderful this man is, really. But Pat does since her husband was a wonderful man too. Apparently, Pat once said to Mohammad that "Every morning I pray for you along with my husband; not a day goes by that is left without prayer." Wow!

Mohammad really values Pat's friendship.

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The two have bonded over the years. There is a genuine light and love that radiates out of Pat. Mohammad said that she reminds him a lot of his grandmother. He would go to Pat with his problems, and she would always help him find a solution. She has now become one of his best friends.

I can't even!

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Mohammad wanted to honor the love Pat and her husband had for each other, so he decided to continue the sweet tradition. I bet every time he shows up at the door with a bouquet, it makes Pat think of her husband.

There's even more to love about Mohammad.

He also splits his time between the US and abroad, where he does volunteer anesthesia work across Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. Wow, that's impressive, huh? But no matter how busy his life gets, he never forgets his bi-weekly Sunday phone call with Pat. It's their way of catching up on life and everything in between. Aww!

What did I tell you, huh?

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If this story didn't make your day, I guess you're not a softie like me. This is a perfect example of an unconventional friendship. You never know where or how you'll have an opportunity to meet a kindred spirit. I think Mohammad and Pat have that special bond that not many people can find. Isn't that absolutely wonderful?