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Traditional Gender Roles Some Women Are Okay With

When it comes to traditional gender roles, the notion goes that childcare responsibilities fall exclusively on women while men work to provide for the family. 

Thankfully, gender roles have evolved a lot since then, with many women working outside of the home and some even making more many than their male counterparts. Go, us!

Even so, some women are perfectly fine with certain gender roles, like letting men take out the trash, kill ALL the spiders, and check out spooky noises. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Here are 19 traditional gender roles some women are okay with. 

The ghost hunter

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When a strange sound goes bump in the middle of the night, many women are perfectly fine with their partners grabbing a bat and going to investigate. That, or sending their dog to check it out.

The stay-at-home wife

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"Cooking amazing food from scratch, cleaning, gardening, DIY and repair, working out every day, basic self, life and house care - those things take up the entire day! It's a helluva lot of work and I'm totally fine doing all of that for someone if they can provide the income." - u/scagatha

The chauffeur

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Who drives the car most when you're out together? If you said, "your man," you're not alone. One woman shared that she's honestly too lazy to drive and enjoys being chauffeured. Another shared that her man enjoys driving while it stresses her out.

Being protected

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"I'm not weak or incapable, but as a woman I am MUCH weaker COMPARED to men. I want to feel valued and cared for and safe in that way, and support him and bring value to his life to warrant such protection." - u/IlinaltaIsle

Car repairs

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Most men tend to know a lot more about cars than women (not all women, of course). As such, a lot of women are fine with letting their men tinker around. It's a lot easier than learning a whole new skill set to accomplish basic car fixes.

The toilet seat

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"Men putting the toilet seat down. Not because I need throne service but because it’s GROSS and if he needs to take a crap, he’d appreciate the seat being down as well." - u/G_Ram3

The garbage

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A lot of couples like to divide chores evenly. One cooks, the other cleans, and so on. Somehow, though, garbage always ends up on the guy's list. They're probably used to getting their hands dirty.

Carrying heavy stuff

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"I used to feel like I had to 'prove myself' and carry heavy things with the men, but then I figured, hey, I have to live with all the disadvantages of being female, might as well let the dudes carry stuff." - u/Sage--Fox

The pursuit

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It's pretty rare for a man to be courted i.e. given flowers, having doors opened for them, treated to dinner. And that's exactly the way one Redditor wants to keep it, as she wrote that she enjoys being the attractive one who is being pursued.

The head of the house

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"Men being the head of the house. Disclaimer: A man doesn’t deserve to be the HOH just because he’s a man. There are certain qualities he must possess that assists in proper functioning of the household/family." - u/YumLum_Key_213

The spiders

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We'd gladly let a man take the reins on killing any sort of creepy-crawly any day! These could be spiders, cockroaches, or even ants. In exchange, a lot of women look after the kids (read: clean up vomit) when they're sick.

The grocery shopping

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"I'm perfectly okay with ME being in charge of grocery shopping. I'm so sick of these men thinking hot pockets is a flipping entree! And that they refuse to use coupons/rewards cards when grocery shopping." - u/DottiesHotSake

The finances

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One Redditor shared that she's okay with her spouse making way more money than her. She believes it gives her breathing room to navigate her professional life, which could mean quitting since she doesn't want to work anymore.

Guys making the moves

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"Not that that should be the case for everyone. But I'm too shy and if guys didn't flirt with me and made the moves, nothing would happen. It's just not the person I am. I think some guys might have the same, so I hope for them other women do make the moves." - u/cheesypuzzas


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Thanks to their husbands' terrible cooking, many women are fine with being the main cook in their family. They want to enjoy nice meals and some even find that the clean-up afterward is relaxing.

Repairs around the house

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"There are certain things around the house, like car stuff, electrical, plumbing, and certain renos that I’m more than happy to have my husband tackle! I would have to learn a whole new skill set for those things and it’s not like I’m incapable, it’s just nice that he already knows what to do and can handle it." - u/RareGeometry

The yard work

Lawn mower
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One Redditor wrote that it's her life mission to never touch a lawnmower! She's perfectly fine with sitting inside with the AC and drinking cold lemonade. Don't men live for yard tools, anyway?


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"I grew up being raised like a traditional girl and he grew up as a boy (no responsibilities aside from school) so I’m naturally better at cooking and cleaning. I am better at those things and I’m willing to do it MOST of the time." - u/Electronic_Problem99

Men as the protectors, women as the nurturers

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"Of course, any dynamic is fine as long as two people are happy, this is just my preference for my own dynamic. I also like to dress feminine, and I find people treat me better when I do." - u/Poolcreature

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