TikToker Tries To Take Viewers Through A Shift At Her Work, Gets Fired 15 Minutes In

Ashley Hunte
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Imagine waking up in the morning, getting yourself ready for work, bringing your phone with you with the intention of filming a "come to work with me" TikTok video... only to get fired 15 minutes into your shift.

Well, for TikTok user @prettyprincess0g, she doesn't need to imagine it, because she's lived through it. And documented it, too.

The video starts out following the popular trend of "work" TikToks.

One of the multitudes of subgenres on the platform involve people filming themselves at work, showing off the various tasks they have to do throughout their shift. This particular TikTok starts out no differently.

We see a time stamp for 1:00, along with the caption "come with me to work."

A pizza box filed with a pepperoni pizza.
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We get shots of the user in her Domino's Pizza uniform, as well as an outside shot of the establishment. If the fact that it's a pretty short video didn't give it away, you'd think that it was like any of the others you'd find on TikTok.

But of course, the TikTok ends nearly as quickly as it begins.

Phoebe from Friends saying, "you're fired!"
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The next time stamp shows 1:15, alongside the caption, "never mind I got fired." Yup, that's right. She got fired 15 minutes into her shift. That's some unfortunate timing.

Probably not for the reason you were thinking, though.

A guy giving a peace sign, and then disappearing out of the image.

You might be wondering if she got fired for trying to film while working. But according to a reply she wrote in the comment section, she'd just been skipping work and finally got called out for it.

Well, that was embarrassing.

A woman wearing pink and cringing at something.
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The user even thinks so herself, captioning the video "LMFAOOO this is so embarrassing."

On the plus side, it at least makes for some pretty entertaining content to put up on TikTok. And her viewers sort of did get to see a typical work day for her, considering her absentee rate.

It's pretty unsurprising that this video did numbers.

Hilary Duff laughing hysterically in a chair.
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With over 600k views and nearly 100k comments, this video went viral for all the wrong reasons. But I have to say, I can't even be mad at that. It's just too funny.

The comment section is full of people laughing out loud.

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"This is literally the best TikTok ever saw in my life," one user commented.

"Never mind I got fired 😂😂😂took me," another user wrote.

I mean, you can't help but laugh.

A surprising amount of people could relate to this video, too.

Leah Michelle saying, "And now I'm dead"

One TikTok user commented, "LMAOO at least they didn’t wait until the end of the shift like they did to me."

Another said, "same thing happened to me lmaooo."

Others pointed out how annoying it must've been to have her come in, just to fire her.

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"They didn’t let you finish your last shift then fire you," a comment reads.

Another simply says, "Oh baby nah they coulda called you."

And some users tried to look at the bright side of things.

A guy in a house saying, "this is a good thing!"
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One user wrote, "At least you kept the shirt… free merch."

"You got a fired, a smoothie, and back home in 15 mins," another pointed out.

At least it was still a somewhat productive day.