Divorce Lawyer Outlines Five Professionals Women Should Reconsider Marrying

Mason Joseph Zimmer
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When we meet someone who's traveled the world or who works an interesting job at a party, it rarely takes long before we get curious about their experiences.

And often times, we hope that they can give us some insight into the secrets of their trade. Because while it can be interesting in and of itself to hear how the sausage is made, we can usually find that their stories will end up giving us information that we can really use.

Whether their advice is applicable to our daily lives in general or simply when we're shopping for products or services depends on who we're talking to, but it's always something we should keep in the back of our minds.

And as is the case for one lawyer's recent TikToks, their tips can sometimes be relevant to some of the most important decisions we'll make in our lives.

For over a year, a divorce lawyer has been sharing her insights about marriages and divorces and answering common questions about the details thereof.

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According to Insider, her name is Katherine Leonard and she's the founder and managing partner of The Leonard Firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

And drawing from her experiences over the course of 13 years of practicing law, she recently identified five kinds of professionals that women should be careful about marrying.

Although she's quick to point out that not all men within these professions are like this, it's been common for them to cause some of her most difficult cases.

Given that a marriage has already been shown to not work by the time it becomes her business, her warning suggests that men holding the following five jobs are often the hardest to divorce.

surgeon wearing scrubs in operating room
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Although Leonard didn't put them in any particular order, she found that surgeons, police officers, those working within the military, pilots and firefighters have consistently made for her messiest cases.

And as for why these professions stand out, her theory is "The men in these professions, they're gods in their profession."

And while she breaks down her rationale for why that's true for each career in the video available here, she's noticed that these jobs seem to attract people with narcissistic and controlling tendencies.

And while you can likely imagine how those traits would make a marriage difficult, they're just as bad while divorce proceedings are underway.

As Leonard put it, "They have kind of a 'nuke the earth, you know, scorch the earth, how dare you challenge me' kind of approach to litigation."

And since one of the more common responses asked which professions men should be cautious about when marrying a woman, Leonard uploaded this follow-up covering that very subject.

Interestingly, she hasn't found that women in the professions listed above have caused similar problems in the divorce cases she's overseen. However, she noted that this could be due to a relative lack of data compared to the men in these careers she's dealt with.

She also found that teachers and nurses tended to make for fairly average divorce cases, but the same couldn't be said for stay-at-home moms.

In her words, "When you're divorcing a stay-at-home mom, they're paralyzed with fear, and rightfully so because their whole lives are about to change."

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So while she was hesitant to do so, she named them as the worst among women to deal with in a divorce.

As she said, "They tend to stick their head in the sand and stall."

h/t: Insider