A Definitive Ranking Of All Six Of Jennifer Lopez's Insanely Expensive Engagement Rings

Taylor Sakellis
jennier lopez engagement ring
Getty Images | Vera Anderson

As we all know by now, Bennifer has been resurrected from the dead. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez announced on Friday night that they were engaged to be married, again. Now look, I love a romantic comedy, especially ones that J.Lo is in, and these two reconnecting and falling in love all over again is what the best rom-coms are made of.

Now, let's take a look back at all the engagement rings Jen has had before because in case you didn't know, there's been six of them.

On the bottom is Jennifer's first engagement ring from her first ex-husband, restauranter Ojani Noa.

jennifer lopez engagement
Getty Images | Ron Galella, Ltd.

Now look, it's obviously a beautiful ring (and way bigger than anything I could ever dream of) but I cannot give it a high ranking because all the pictures of it are from 1997, and let's just say the camera quality was similar to that of a potato.

In the second-to-last spot, we have J.Lo's ring from former fiancé Alexander Rodriguez.

jlo's engagement ring from alexander rodriguez
instagram | @arod

Ms. Jenny from the Block said it herself — her love don't cost a thing, which is why this insanely massive diamond is still ranking low on my list.

When I see this ring, I see A.Rod's cheating rumours and everyone's broken hearts when these two called it off after nearly five years together.


Coming in fourth is Jennifer's engagement ring from her second husband, dancer Cris Judd.

jennifer lopez chris judd
Getty Images | Pascal LE FLOCH

Again, it's another beautiful and totally over-the-top engagement ring (an emerald cut worth six figures, naturally) but there's nothing really unique or J.Lo about it, you know?

Love the fur coat though, Chris!

This might be controversial, but my third spot is going to Jennifer's most recent ring from fiancé Ben Affleck.

jennifer lopez's engagement ring
instagramStories | @lyndalopez08

Jen has called the emerald hue her "lucky color" and it's apparently very rare, but that's just not enough to make it my favorite.

It's stunning and unique, though, which is why it's taking my #3 place.

The runner-up to me was clear, almost as clear as this GIGANTIC engagement ring Jennifer got from her third husband and the father of her children, Marc Anthony.

marc anthony jlo
Getty Images | Gregg DeGuire

The 8.5 carat blue diamond ring from Harry Winston was truly a showstopper, and I really loved them together so there you go, Marc!

I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone who knows me that my #1 spot has gone to the infamous, the extraordinary, the ICONIC pink diamond ring from Ben Affleck the first time around.

jennifer lopez pink diamond
Getty Images | Vera Anderson

I'll never forget the power this ring had over every single woman I knew in 2003. It's one of the most iconic celebrity engagement rings of all time, and it will always be my favorite.