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Woman Gets Roasted Online For Hosting 'Aesthetic' Birthday Party For Her Child

Don't get me wrong — social media is great. I love scrolling through TikTok while I take my "me" time in the washroom in between cooking dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, and crying softly in the closet.

However, one of the things that social media has really ruined is experience. Everything is about snapping the perfect shot which, unfortunately, means something else is sacrificed.

One TikTok account is going viral after showing off the bleakest children's birthday party I've ever seen.

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I KNOW THAT SOUNDS REALLY RUDE, but please stay with me as I show you the setup. Spoiler alert — kids want colors!

TikTok account @lilmunchkinsplayground shared a video of their recent backyard birthday setup featuring all-white everything. I'm serious.

From the jumpy castle to the ball pit, all the decor was color-less.

The text overlay on the video reads: "When you're an aesthetic mom & it's your kids birthday."

Naturally, the internet had a lot to say about this "aesthetic" set-up. Mainly how unexciting it would be for the children actually attending this party.

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TikTok | @lilmunchkinsplayground

"it looks fun but its not even your birthday so add some colors theres children coming??" wrote one user.

"Add color it’s not your birthday party it’s your child’s" echoed another.

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TikTok | @lilmuchkinsplayground

My personal favorite comment? "Maybe add some pastel colors balloons even, this looks like something out of a horror movie."

Another person thought the decor was giving "hospital vibes."

Look, I can't say I disagree!

This entire setup makes me sad. Honestly, I think the kids would have preferred decorations and toys from the Dollar Tree over this.

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Just because it looks like a vibe doesn't mean it's going to make a bunch of children happy, you know?