JoJo Siwa Surprises Fans By Cutting Off Her Signature Ponytail

Danielle Broadway
Jojo Siwa
instagram | @itsjojosiwa

We're not kidding when we say that Jojo Siwa has officially chopped off her signature ponytail — and she kind of looks amazing. The popular dancer, singer, YouTube favorite and queer role model has traded in her longer hair for a super short style, and she made sure to share the journey with her Instagram followers. Sometimes changing things up can be quite a good look. Many of her fans are absolutely in love with this new hair cut, and any haters, will have to embrace a new day.

Siwa showed off a bit of the process.

The hype was already building before Siwa posted her new 'do. She posted a short video on Instagram with her sitting at what looks to be barber shop and having her ponytail completely cut off. The smile on her face after her hair is cut is priceless. She captioned the video with the words, "Mayyyyy have done something todayyyy." The comments immediately poured in with people like actor Mollee Gray saying, "IM LITERALLY STOKED."

The final product is also getting all the likes.

As if the hype from Siwa's preview video wasn't enough, the big reveal has made the fans go wild — over 1-million of them to be exact. With that many likes, it's clear to see that Siwa isn't the only one smiling when she sees her short hair. Whether it's the hair or a new wave of confidence, happiness is always a fabulous look for this Dance Moms veteran.

Even Siwa's close friends had to dote.

There are basically endless adorable things happening at once because of Siwa's hairstyle change, including caring compliments from her closest friends. Professional dancer on Dancing With The Stars, Ezra Sosa, was one of the first to comment on Siwa's look. He wrote, "It makes me so happy seeing you be and YOU. you look so beautiful bestie." Australian dancer, Sasha Farber, had to get in on the compliments too, writing, "Omg yessssss."

Siwa claims she was snubbed by Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards.

It's important to know that shortly after getting her hair cut, Siwa posted on IG, but not about her hair. The feeling of excitement turned to dread for the actor after claiming she wasn't invited to the recent 2022 Kid's Choice Awards. While it was the first video on her Instagram grid with her latest look, it was a bit of a somber occasion. She wrote, "A lot of you have been asking why I’m not at the Nickelodeon Kid Choice Awards tonight, I don’t want anyone to think it was my choice not to go…. I simply didn’t get an invite." Fans and other celebs not only reassured her and said that it's "Nickelodeon's loss," but fellow dancer, and Radio Disney host, Cameron Mcleod wrote, "Aanyways ur hair is looking fire." Looks like there's little time for haters with hair that fierce.

Fortunately, Siwa is still feeling her look.

As many fans know, Siwa is one to overcome adversity. This is no exception. She enjoyed a photoshoot with brother, Jayden Siwa, behind the camera. Sporting her signature vibrant colors and a warm smile, Jojo, seemed to be taking in the sight of her fresh style. She wrote, "Today is a GOOD day (especially compared to yesterday)." People poked fun at her "throwing shade" at Nickelodeon while also coming back to how she looks like a "queen."

Her shorter hair and queerness may be causing backlash.

While we can't pinpoint what happened with Siwa and the Kid's Choice Awards, fans are putting some interesting dots together. Last year, Siwa lost fans after publicly coming out as pansexual and being in a relationship with Kylie Prew (whom she's no longer with). They were outwardly discriminatory toward her sexuality and relationship. Coming out as pan and then cutting her hair short are illustrations of her queerness that some audiences may not deem it "child-friendly" for some families. People suspect some censorship may be at play.

Siwa isn't a stranger to controversy.

While the awards show callout is the latest controversy, Siwa isn't a newbie in this arena. Already, she's made headlines for being one of the first competitors on Dancing With The Stars to have a same-sex dance partner. Many "former fans" weren't pleased with this decision. One person wrote, "Way to ruin the whole basis of the show for the sake of LGBTQ." Luckily, loyal fans love Siwa for who she is.

Some aren't so pleased with her hair on TikTok.

While the positive feedback has been pouring in, some people are missing Siwa's signature look already. TikTok user, Jazmine, wrote, "NO JOJO NOO" in response to Siwa cutting her hair, and received 1,623 likes. Another user, mrsromeroo, commented, "Please tell me you DID NOT cut your hair." To say the least, it's clear that some people aren't taking the change well.

She's celebrating the 'no more ponytail' life.

People have made fun of Siwa's ponytails for years, so in many ways, this is giving them what they want. More importantly, it looks like it's what Siwa wants. To show people she can always go back to her old style, Siwa posted a TikTok video of her being a little silly and putting her short hair up in an awkward ponytailish style with a bow. TikTok user, Jill, wrote, "Giving scout and violet ponytail vibes," which Siwa called "the best compliment."

Most importantly, Siwa is happy.

At the end of the day, people can criticize us for how we look on so many levels. The pressure to change or not change can feel overwhelming, but our own sense of self should come first. It looks like Siwa decided to choose what felt right for her, and for now, that means short hair and calling out controversy.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Siwa's new look and any of the backlash she's been facing.