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Single Gay Man Becomes Father At 44 Via Surrogacy

Being a parent is as rewarding as it is challenging, but for some, the journey to parenthood isn't so straightforward.

Whether it be because of fertility issues, being a same-sex couple, or being single, there are plenty of ways to have a child without being the one to physically carry them to term. Surrogacy, for instance, is an option for some.

Like 44-year-old Shaun Resnik.

The Victoria, Australia citizen wanted nothing more than to be a father and share his life with a child of his own. But being a gay, single man, he didn't have too many options. Apart from surrogacy, of course.

The journey was long and difficult, but he managed to make it to the end.

In Australia, surrogacy laws are fairly stringent, and include requiring the implanted embryo to have no genetic link to the surrogate. Surrogates also don't get paid, but their medical expenses are covered.

Aspiring parents-to-be also need to meet requirements in order to prove they can take care of the child.

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While Resnik did meet those standards, he faced another obstacle: finding a surrogate. After trying surrogacy with three unsuccessful surrogates over the span of two and a half years, he finally found the right one.

Enter Carla Pincombe.

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Pincombe, mother of three and surrogate twice over, had the experience and the heart to carry Resnik's future child. Along with the eggs donated by Resnik's friend Bree, the process was finally ready to get started.

Fast forward to March 2022, and baby Eli is born.

This past March 22nd marked the day that Resnik's baby, Eli, was finally brought into the world. It was a birth that represented the end of a three-and-a-half year long journey.

It's also considered the first time a single father had a child via surrogate.

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At least, this is the case in Victoria, Australia. It just goes to show that where there's a will, there's a way. And anyone can become a parent if they really want to.

Hopefully, this will open doors for more single parents-to-be to have kids.

There are plenty of people around the world who want children, but are facing a lot of barriers. Being single is just one of those barriers. But Resnik's story shows that becoming a parent as a single dad is totally doable.

It also highlights the importance of surrogacy.

Without a surrogate, Resnik may not have been able to have a child. We really have to hand it to those who are willing and happy to bring children in the world on behalf of those who cannot.

This could further help to relax laws in Victoria in favor of single parents.

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Since parenthood is difficult for single people and same-sex couples, there's a hope that Resnik's story will help bring about change in the Australian state.

But for now, Resnik is happy being with his new family.

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Not only does he have a son after so many years of trying and waiting, but he's entered a relationship too. He now has his boyfriend, Sean, to help him spread the love.