People Are Sharing The Childhood Obsessions They Never Grew Out Of

Ashley Hunte
Pieces for a board game on a brightly colored board.
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I kind of hate the term "outgrowing" something, because it makes it seem like we adults can't like the things we liked as kids. But there are plenty of things out there that have appeal to people of all ages!

On Reddit, someone asked, "What were your childhood obsessions that you are still obsessed with now?" People's answers were about as relatable as you'd think.

"Dinosaurs. I never grew out of my dinosaur kid phase. If it wasn’t so hard to become a paleontologist that’s what I’d do." - HallucinatesOtters

A dinosaur skeleton, presumably in a museum.
Unsplash | Jon Butterworth

"Maybe getting the degree isn’t difficult if you’re smart, but the hard part is getting a position where you’re actually paid to go out and dig up/study fossils."

Kids have the right idea here. Dinosaurs are pretty cool.

"Origami. I currently have 243 paper cranes on a carton box (exclusively for paper cranes)." - Akumu_Mahoutsukai

Two rainbow-coloured paper cranes.
Unsplash | Carolina Garcia Tavizon

"My first fold is in the mall, squatting on the books area, reading a short story book called 'A thousand paper cranes,' then practiced myself to read the instructions on how fold the crane in the last page."

"That was the time I got overjoyed, when I finally folded the crane, made from a pink notepad!"

Several paper cranes made with floral paper.
Unsplash | Shinta Kikuchi

"Until now, I am folding paper cranes, and folded also other things, like the rooster, butterfly and the heart."

Ah, origami. Definitely a fun, relaxing craft for literally anyone.

"Water." - Equivalent_Ad8133

A wooden boat on a lake that's surrounded by snowy mountains.
Unsplash | Pietro De Grandi

"I lived by a bunch of small lakes and I loved most things about them. Swimming in the summer, skating in the winter, and just relaxing next to them in spring and fall.

"Growing up, so many of my best memories involved the water. Now, I am about the happiest when swimming or boating..."

"Video games." - Fun-Plane-553

S person playing Breath of the Wild on a Nintendo Switch.
Unsplash | Eugene Chystiakov

"I think kid me, being amazed by Ocarina of Time, wouldn't be ready to handle Breath of the Wild."

Once you get hooked on a video game, there's no going back.

"Legos." - TomTom_xX

A pile of different sized and coloured Lego blocks.
Unsplash | Xavi Cabrera

Reddit user TheErasedEverywhere totally agreed with this one, commenting, "Unlimited fun with simple bricks as a child. Unlimited fun with more complicated things as an adult." Lego does market itself as all-ages.

"Lisa Frank." - chelseadagger2113

A girl holding a bunch of toys as a camera zooms in on her.

"It makes me sad to know that she was apparently a nightmare to work for, and how the breakdown of the company happened. But I love the OG designs so... much still."

Man, I haven't thought about Lisa Frank in so long...

"Books." - JTrick2012

A person pulling a book out of a shelf.
Unsplash | Christin Hume

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that reading was a lot easier as a kid. I think that has to do with lack of time, though (and maybe the internet commanding so much of our attention).

"Animation." - hatchedlarryrides

The old Cartoon Network logo.

"From western animation to anime I've been mainlining [it] since the glory days of Cartoon Network and original Nick Toons."

Animation not just being for kids is one hill I'm willing to die on. It's for everyone!

"Dogs. I never had a childhood dog growing up but desperately wanted one." - nicklebackstreetboys

Two dogs trotting down a dirt path.
Unsplash | Alvan Nee

"I volunteered at the animal shelter on my weekends just to hang out w the dogs. Now I have three! They are the best part of my life. Still obsessed."

We honestly don't deserve dogs, though.

"Collecting rocks." - plantperson96

Different rocks and minerals on a white surface.
Unsplash | Franco Antonio Giovanella

Reddit user StarsofSobek added, "Rocks are awesome. Just little worlds you can admire or carry around in your pocket."

Rocks are so much fun to collect, even now. Too bad you mostly have nowhere to put them...

"Halloween and all things spooky." - electri55

Two Jack-O-Lanterns lit up in a dark area.
Unsplash | David Menidrey

I feel like people who really like Halloween as kids end up growing up to be really into horror movies (and still like Halloween). Plus, who doesn't like dressing up in silly costumes?

"Anything to do with cars, motorsport, loud engines etc.." - ButchersClassic

A racecar on a track.
Unsplash | Max Böttinger

"What’s funny is that it stems from my dad having a BMW 5 series throughout most of my early childhood, so it’s all because of him that I have this obsession."

"Earrings. I would cut out paper earrings and tape them to my ears." - Anticrepuscular_Ray

A pair of gold loop earrings on a white surface.
Unsplash | Miao Xiang

"I had hundreds. Mostly I was interested in the design process and enjoyed being creative. Today I am a beadweaver and make beaded earrings/wearable art."

"Music and theatre." - watermelonnmermaids

The street sign for Broadway Ave.
Unsplash | Jordhan Madec

"Still a theatre nerd, still obsessed with Broadway."

Theater is really fun! It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but watching people break into song and dance at random points in a story is always pretty entertaining, at least.

"Bugs and other invertebrates." - Shells_and_bones

A butterfly (or moth) flying around some flowers.
Unsplash | Alfred Schrock

"I'm finishing up a biology degree this year and did an entomology related research project last year."

I can't imagine loving bugs, but I love the fact that this person turned their obsession into a career path.

"Sonic!" - Mako_STi

A Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game cartridge.
Unsplash | Adam Mills

I mean, he's pretty awesome. And it looks like plenty of people agree. Like Reddit user Nambot, who wrote, "Same. Been obsessed with it since I was a kid in the early days of the franchise, and never grew out of it even at its lowest of lows."

"Stuffed animals and blankets, just soft things that bring me comfort." - junibunii

A stuffed rodent next to a stuffed pig.
Unsplash | Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

"My family always makes fun of me for it but they are honestly the only thing that makes me feel comfortable."

We need to stop labeling comfort items as "childish." Everyone deserves to be comfy and feel safe!

"Aliens, the paranormal, conspiracies." - Kolipe

A poster with an alien on it that says, "I can't stay! I need to pay the rent."
Unsplash | Max Böhme

"I just like reading about them. Falling into those weird rabbit holes. But everyone thinks you believe everything you read what it comes to that stuff."

I guess you never know what could be real, and what's all made up.

"Movies!!" - pjboy671

An empty movie theatre seating section.
Unsplash | Felix Mooneeram

"I loved movies, always imagining I was the main guy. Now I'm going to film school."

Watching a movie is easy. Making one? I feel like you have to really love movies to be able to do that.

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