Parents Disable Ring Camera After Child Claims Voice Offers Him Ice Cream At Night

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Ring security footage of the boy's room at night.
TikTok | @franchelle0

For a parent, one of the scariest thoughts is that an adult is speaking to your child without your knowledge. Your mind would immediately jump to nefarious intentions, and fret over the safety of your baby.

It doesn't help when you find out that said stranger is potentially speaking to your child through one of the devices in your home, one you thought you could rely on for safety, like this family with their Ring security cameras.

A series of viral TikToks has left many parents spooked.

Ring security footage of the boy's room while the family is together.
TikTok | @franchelle0

It began with mother Fran Chelle uploading a few videos from the Ring camera in her young son's room. In the first one, her and her husband were hanging out with their son when he abruptly stops and tells them the security camera is talking.

A text-to-speech voice reads, "I'm not trusting these 'security cameras' anymore..."

That video went extremely viral, gaining over 22 million views.

Ring security footage of the boy's room at night.
TikTok | @franchelle0

People asked for a follow-up, which came in the form of another Ring video, this time at night as Chelle's husband was putting their son to bed. Before his father can leave, the boy gets his attention and points to the camera, expressing concern.

His father asks if he doesn't want it, then asks why.

Ring security footage of the boy's room at night.
TikTok | @franchelle0

The son then shares that it talks to him at night. The husband immediately calls Chelle over, who asks their son for more details.

The boy shares that at night, he's heard a male voice come from the camera asking if he wants ice cream.

The two parents immediately remove the camera from his room, greatly concerned.

They say they've contacted Ring and the company hasn't found any security breaches in their account, nor any evidence of suspicious activity involving their devices.

This leaves the parents at a loss for what to do.

One thing's for sure though, they're now very against having cameras in their home. Chelle would go on to share videos to her TikTok account of other families having their cameras hacked and being spoken to through them.

Though it's impossible to confirm or deny what happened, the comments praised this family for believing their son's claims and listening to his fear, as well as raising awareness of the potential dangers of in-home security cameras.

h/t: Yahoo!