Girlfriends Pick Up Their 'Cancer-Free Queen' From Hospital For A Fabulous Celebration

Taylor Sakellis
friends celebrate cancer-free friend
TikTok | copperforkcakes

The hardest things in life are made easier by the people we're blessed to have in our lives. If you're lucky enough to be surrounded by a handful of people that care about you and love you unconditionally, it means you've truly won the lottery of life.

A great example of friendship is going viral on TikTok after a group of friends treated their cancer-free gal pal to the most epic celebration.

TikToker @copperforkcakes is going viral after sharing a celebration her group of friends threw for their cancer-free bestie.

Giphy | Spice Girls

If that description was enough to bring a tear to your eye, just wait until you see the video.

"Come with us as we pick up our cancer-free queen from her last day at the hospital," the text overlay reads.

In the video, a party bus filled with happy ladies in colorful wigs heads to the hospital to pick up their friend.

The women then proceed to a drag show where the oysters and bubbles were flowing.

tiktok friends cancer-free
TikTok | @copperforkcakes

I just love the wigs so much it's such a thoughtful, considerate, and colorful touch!

The smiles and joy radiating from everyone's face are enough to bring a tear to anyone's eye.

friends celebrate cancer free
TikTok | @copperforkcakes

The comments section quickly became flooded with supportive comments.

"This is so cuteee truly y’all are the best support system or friends," wrote one user.

"I’m not one to cry out of happiness but this got me," said another.

tiktok friend cancer-free
TIkTok | @copperforkcakes

One person even shared their own emotional connection to the video, saying: "This is making me sob. my mom just got diagnosed with cancer and I hope to be able to celebrate like this with her when she recovers."

Now that is the true meaning of friendship and girl power!