18 Cooking Disasters From People Who Have No Business Being In A Kitchen

Kasia Mikolajczak
burned grilled cheese
reddit | u/Jinglebell727

Being a good cook is a skill not everyone possesses. But no matter how skilled of a cook you are, no one is immune to the occasional slip-ups. Some of them can be minor, like forgetting to add some salt, while other ones can be major, like burning down your kitchen, haha.

It's happened to the best of us. So to make you feel better about your mishaps, I'm going to share a few tragic mistakes and accidents that happened to these unfortunate souls. You're welcome.

This Birthday Cake Fail

kid crying in the kitchen with spilled cake batter
reddit | bikiniree

This is what happens when you allow your kid to help out in the kitchen making her own birthday cake. That doesn't look good, lol. I guess now she will appreciate it even more. At least I hope so, hee-hee.

This Fried Oreo Disaster

burned fried Oreos
reddit | yupa12

I don't know about you, but this so-called fried Oreo dessert looks more like poop. Who in their right mind thought this would be a good idea, huh? It might've sounded alright in their head but executing this turned out to be harder than this person initially thought.

This Pancake Disaster

burned pancake on a frying pan
reddit | sms42069

I love making pancakes on a Sunday. It's one of our favorite things to do on the weekend. But it looks like somebody needs a lesson in cooking because this burned pancake here has camouflaged itself into the frying pan. Good luck scraping that up.

This Grilled Nothing

grilled cheese sandwich missing the cheese
reddit | Misophoniakiel

You would think that if a dish only has two ingredients, it would be easy to remember. Wrong! This person was making a grilled cheese sandwich, and they actually forgot the cheese. Now it's a grilled nothing sandwich indeed.

This Grilled Cheese Oopsie

burned grilled cheese
reddit | u/Jinglebell727

What is it with people and burned grilled cheese sandwiches? It's such an easy task. Isn't it? So next time you're frying this baby up, stop daydreaming, okay? It didn't turn out that great for this person here.

This Sleepy Mistake

burned mac 'n cheese
reddit | joeycnotes

Here's another thing you should never do. Don't take a nap while you cook mac 'n cheese on the stove. I don't think this is something easily forgettable. I would have that image burned into my mind, lol.

This Cheese Battle

broken knife beside hard cheese piece
reddit | MrFreezzo

Who knew that the cheese could win a battle against a knife, huh? That must've been some disappointment, alright. Not only did this person not get a piece of cheese, but now their knife is garbage bound. Yikes!

This Ribs Disaster

burned ribs in the oven
reddit | RadixLecti72

"My pork ribs dinner. Unsure if stress caused short-term memory loss but I put ribs on, logged into work, and here we are two hours later with the grill at full blast."

Oh my goodness, ha, ha. What a loss, huh?

This Forgetfulness

burned spatula in the oven with lasagne leftovers
reddit | jonek1999

Word to the wise, don't get so distracted while warming up those lasagne leftovers that you forget your spatula in the oven. I don't think this cooking pot is going to survive this one. I hope at least the lasagne is still edible.

This Flourless Banana Bread

burned banana bread slice on a plate
Imgur | Imgur

It looks like somebody forgot the most important ingredient in their banana bread recipe — the flour, lol. How does one do that? I mean, when you're mixing it, you should be able to tell that something as important as flour is missing, no?

This Pizza Inferno

burned pizza
reddit | sneedwich

Who here likes their pizza a little crispy? I do, I do. However, I draw the line at it being burned to the crip, ha, ha. Honestly, I would have been so pissed off if this happened to me, especially after a long day at work.

These Vegan Waffles

burned waffles in a waffle maker
reddit | tatuartis

Who here likes to experiment with vegan recipes? I have tried to make some ingredient substitutions, that's for sure. This lady attempted to make vegan waffles, but something must've obviously gone awry, no?

This Poached Egg Surprise

I didn't know you could even attempt to make a poached egg in the microwave. But apparently, this person decided to try their luck at it. And as you can see, that didn't work out so well for them.

This Lasagne Incident

lasange dropped on the kitchen floor
Imgur | oukidsgetoffmylawn

"TIL I was only about a dropped lasagne away from a near mental break."

Yikes, lol. Imagine if you slaved in the kitchen all day to make a delicious dinner for the family only to have this happen to you? I would probably cry.

This Bread Dough Revenge

baking mess in the kitchen
reddit | introvertataconcert

Confession time — I've never made bread dough in my life. Perhaps there's a good reason for that because this would probably be the way my kitchen would look, ha, ha. So I sympathize with this woman who tried to make it from scratch.

This Oven Fiasco

oven covered with silicone cover remains
reddit | ElvenQueen1

"My mom set her own to preheat not remembering that she had silicone rack guards in there. Fun fact: if heated enough silicone vaporizes and does this to your oven and family is coming out for Thanksgiving today."

Wow, who knew about that?

This Plastic Disaster

waffle in the oven on a melted plastic cutting board
reddit | princessbuttercat

"'Mommy, there's green goo coming out of my waffle!' - my six-year-old son."

At first, I wasn't sure what even happened here. But then I figured it out. I guess somebody put the waffle into the oven on a plastic cutting board. I don't know why. That was obviously not the right move, ha, ha.

This Complete Meltdown

fire in the kitchen and burned microwave
reddit | u/aleighleigh

I guess fried Oreos are more popular than I thought. This person attempted to make some but instead set their kitchen on fire. Not only did the stove get it, but the microwave above it was damaged too. I literally have no words.

Holy moly!

scene from Mrs. Doubtfire
Giphy | Giphy

We are definitely witnessing some kitchen disasters here, huh? I'm glad to report that I've never set my kitchen on fire or fallen asleep while cooking. Those are two lessons these folks will never forget, huh? What was your worst cooking fiasco? I bet we would all love to know.