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Nanny Shares How She Adjusted After Family Denied Her Access To Their Food

Anyone who has ever worked at people's houses can tell you that a lot of folks out there aren't terribly appreciative of what they do. Although they needed their help enough to hire them, many clients balk at the idea of letting workers have a drink or use their bathrooms no matter how strenuous their work is.

With that in mind, it's hard to even imagine the crapshoot that comes from looking for work as a full-time nanny. Some families will try and compensate a full day's work for as little as possible, while others will come up with an unrealistic list of demands that seem to suggest they're hiring one person to do three different jobs.

But while one nanny's experience wasn't quite that dire, one rule the family she worked for had in place turned out to be a pretty big red flag that their working relationship wouldn't last long.

Be advised that the video featured in this article contains explicit language

For the last four years, a woman named Braonain has worked as a nanny and her experiences in that career have largely been more positive than some have expected.

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But while the content she's uploaded to TikTok over the last two years has reflected that, it struck her as odd when one of her most recent clients instituted a rule that she couldn't have any of their food.

Granted, that's hardly an unusual experience for a lot of people's jobs, but it's not as if she can go somewhere for a lunch break like they can. That's a key time to keep watch over the kids, after all.

So as a result, she ended up bringing a backpack full of snacks and showed them all off.

hand in front of snacks splayed out on counter
TikTok | @braonain1

She also described those snacks as "random," which is pretty hard to argue with considering that one of those items is a lemon.

Whatever gets her through the day, I guess.

But while that didn't line up with her usual experiences as a nanny, she seemed to make an effort to stay positive about this arrangement.

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As she wrote in a follow-up comment on this video, "I've been a nanny for 4 years and never had a family do this but I'm trying to make it work."

And since she was allowed to access to water and coffee there, one of the ways she did this was by making some nice cold brew for herself.

However, it seemed this arrangement wasn't going to work out as she ended up quitting about two days after the video was released.

Although Bored Panda reported that she expanded on why in a follow-up video, it seems that clip has since been deleted.

Nonetheless, that follow-up told her followers that she has already secured a new position with a different family and presumably, they don't have the same food policy as these folks.