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Jewel Is 'Really Excited' For 10-Year-Old Son To Play Drums On Her Tour

Jewel knows the importance of family, more than most people in Hollywood do. I feel like once you become a celebrity, it's really easy to allow your head to swell and your ego to take over. Do you know who has remained grounded and true to her roots? Jewel.

Now, she's continuing her family tradition by preparing her 10-year-old son to join her on tour.

We all know Jewel is super talented and beautiful. We also all know her hit songs "You Were Meant For Me" and "Intuition."

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I miss blasting her music with my girlfriends, back in the good ol' days before smartphones and social media.

However, what you might not know is that Jewel began her career as a singer in Alaska, often performing with her father, Atz Kilcher, as a father-daughter duo.

I know, right? How sweet is that?!

Now, Jewel is continuing to keep the music business in the family by preparing her son, Kase, to join her on tour.

“Kase is going to play. He plays drums,” Jewel told TODAY.

"So I’m really excited that he’ll get to tour with me. It’s going to make me enjoy touring again."

Jewel and her son Kase
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“We’ve toured a little bit, not a whole ton,” she explained. “We’ve always had my whole family out, so this will be just he and I."

I think that is just so sweet, don't you?!

h/t: TODAY