18 Husbands Who Are Really Just Trying Their Best Out There

Kasia Mikolajczak
IV bag cake
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I don't know about you ladies, but sometimes I ask my partner to do something, and then when he does it, I'm actually in stitches. Why? It's because something must've gotten lost in translation in terms of his execution.

So if that's ever happened to you, I bet you'll appreciate these funny stories I'm about to share. They're living proof that husbands are a different breed of human beings, hee-hee.

This Birthday Fiasco

birthday cake on fire while child looks on
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"My husband put the candles really close together."

Oh my goodness, the horrified look on this child's face says it all. Oh, man! I bet this father was pretty upset when this happened. Better luck next time, lol.

This Master Chef

angry face in pie
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"When I ask my husband to cut vents in the turkey pot pie..."

Well, he's no Master Chef, is he now? I hope you're not serving that pot pie to your MIL, ha, ha. Or she will have something to say about it, that's for sure.

This Wrong Confession

Ha, ha. I'm not saying you should lie, but a little white one never hurt anyone. Am I right? So next time, keep this kind of small detail to yourself if you know what's good for you.

This Garbage Day Fail

Every damn week, eh? Do you feel what I'm saying? This was us today. Here I was running around the house to round up the garbage, lol. But the good news is — we made it!

This Lunch Order

lunch beside computer keyboard
reddit | u/kerokaeru

"My husband made lunch for me today."

Aww, how nice of this thoughtful husband to prepare lunch for his wife. What I like about this is the fact there's a danish in there — oh, and some strawberries. The stack of chips is questionable, though.

This Absent-Minded Man

How many times has that happened to you? I can't even count, ha, ha. It's pretty irritating, though. Sometimes when my fiancé says this, I just give up. No way I'm repeating the entire story all over again.

This Odd Purchase

dinosaur mugs in a cupboard
reddit | u/ArchieFartsy

"I asked my husband to buy some cheap plastic drinking cups so that we don’t always have to drink from glass cups and potentially break them while handling them. This is what he bought… (and no we don’t have kids)."

Ha, ha, I guess he's a kid at heart?

This Trophy

weird trophy
reddit | u/queefer_sutherland

"I told my husband I'd never won a trophy, so he got this made for me."

Hmm, what kind of trophy is that? Is this woman a yodeller, lol? Why is there a goat on top of this trophy? I feel like there's a story behind it all that I need to know, hee--hee.

This Helpful Man

"Sent my amazing husband to the store for some 'SOS pads' (steel wool with soap). This is what he came home with."

Oh, I can see how that would be confusing to anyone. Next time, make sure you spell it out. I'm impressed this guy picked sanitary pads, though. Most guys would be too embarrassed, ha, ha.

This Clean-Up Job

Don't even get me started on cleaning. When I ask my fiancé to help out with vacuuming the house, it takes him three hours. When I do it — it's thirty minutes, tops. So yeah, I rather just do it myself.

This Husband's Fault

Somebody is in the doghouse now, huh? But the good news is that the kid is okay, so at least you don't have to rush him to the hospital. I'm sure the wife will forget about this soon enough.

This Odd Choice

envelope sealed with a band aid
reddit | u/northernCan81

"I asked my husband to seal an envelope for mailing."

Hmm, I don't suppose good old saliva could have sufficed here? I wonder what the person receiving this card will think of this, lol. He could have just used tape instead of a Band-Aid.

This Face Palm

"That awkward moment when you are trying to lose weight and your husband brings donuts home."

I get it, he totally meant well but when you're on a roll you don't need a setback. That's all I'm saying.

This Clever Landscaping Job

spray painted hedge
reddit | u/kel7star

"Noticed a section of the hedge had turned brown and died. Mentioned it to my husband, came home to this…"

Ha, ha, ha. Like nobody is going to notice that, huh? Who does this guy think he's fooling here? If I were his wife, I would not be impressed at all.

This Seemingly Easy Request

"When you ask your husband to buy bandaids, lol."

Well, my fiancé went out the other day to get some Band-Aids, and I'm happy to report he came back with not one but two packages of assorted types. This man, however, failed at this most basic task.

This Cake Monster

mangled cake
reddit | u/Niboomy

"The way my husband decided to cut this cake. Why?"

I'm sorry, I can't answer that for you. Perhaps this was some kind of passive-aggressive way of taking his frustrations out on the cake. Either way, I hope it still tasted delicious.

This Odd Request

Woman with kids and clown
reddit | u/MissRothmar

"That time at my 36th birthday, when my husband made me go on stage with all the other birthday boys and girls. That is the face of mortification."

Oh my goodness, the look on this lady's face is priceless.

This Cake Fail

"Not sure this is so much a #CakeFail as it is a #HusbandFail but we got a kick out of the misunderstanding and are still LOLing!! This is what happens when you order a cake without using the proper capitalization! An LV bag request becomes an IV bag cake.

At least they had a good laugh, haha.

Well, if you can't laugh at these silly husband mistakes, you'll have an extra-long life together.

two older women laughing
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So the best you can do is just to roll your eyes and go on with your day, ha, ha. Do you hear me, ladies? Has your husband done something so odd that it had you scratching your head in disbelief? I'd love to hear about it.