Optical Illusion Leaves People Baffled As To Where Woman's Legs Are

Ashley Hunte
A person with his hands on his temples.
Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

A good optical illusion doesn't come by very often. But when it does, you just know you're in for an interesting day.

You can probably find a bunch of them on Reddit at any given time. Like this picture of six girls sitting on a couch that made waves in the Subreddit r/pics. Why? Because it looks like one girl's legs are mysteriously missing.

See the picture for yourself.

Six girls sitting on a couch. Only five pairs of legs are visible, leading to an optical illusion.
reddit | jr0d7771

The photo, captioned, "find the middle girl's legs," shows one girl who seemingly has no legs. But that can't really be true, right? Well, no, but that doesn't mean onlookers were any less stumped!

Plenty of commenters took to making jokes about the missing legs.

Eddie Murphey laughing while clapping his hands.
Giphy | Laff

One comment asked, "Maybe she's a couch-centaur?" So she's half couch, half person... seems legit.

Not. I'm sure there's a better explanation out there.

Others were distracted by everything else in the picture.

A woman looking left and right without moving her head.
Giphy | Got Talent Global

Like the location.

A commenter wrote, "I loving that Green Bay man cave."

A little off topic, but sometimes those little details add up (just not in this case).

A few suggested that there can't really be a "middle girl."

A woman saying "she tricked me."
Giphy | Big Brother After Dark

"TRICK QUESTION! There are 6 girls, therefore none of them can truly be the middle one," a commenter wrote. Okay, logic. But it's pretty clear who's the focus of the mystery.

And of course, some people seriously tried to solve the illusion.

SpongeBob and Patrick deep in thought.
Giphy | SpongeBob SquarePants

Thankfully, people out there got their investigator hats on and took a good, hard look at the picture.

Spoiler alert: there actually are six pairs of legs in the picture.

It's just that one pair is a little harder to see.

Ilana Glazer looking up and then over, as if having a revelation.
Giphy | Broad City

One commenter's theory goes as follows:

"It's actually the girl who is the second from the left whose legs are hard to find, because they are hidden behind the girl on the far left's."

"Her pants are the same color, and almost blend."

Several Simpsons characters at the bar saying "Oh, I see. Yeah. That makes sense."
Giphy |

"You can see the difference where there is a bit of sock/skin showing above the boot," the comment continues. Seems like someone has some eagle eyes out there.

But it actually makes a lot of sense.

Joey from Friends nodding.
Giphy | Friends

If you look closely enough at the girl on the far left of the picture, you can kind of tell that the knee with the ripped jeans... isn't hers.

And it's just the way the middle girl is sitting that makes it look like her legs are gone.

A woman looking at a man while saying, "well now everything makes sense!"
Giphy | Married At First Sight

But the "second" pair from the left are hers. Take another look at the picture, and you'll get it. Probably.

That's one internet mystery solved!

Dwight from the office in a car saying, "mystery solved."
Giphy | The Office

Well, it was fun while it lasted. It may have turned out to be nothing more than a weird camera angle and some janky poses, but at least it got the gears in our brains turning for a little bit!