A coffin at a funeral.
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Grandma Lists 'Rules For My Funeral' And The Entire Internet Wants To Be Invited

I think everyone's put at least a little bit of thought into their funeral. Whether you want it to be a somber affair where everyone sits and thinks about how much they miss you or whether you want it to be just a little bit more fun, there's nothing wrong with doing a little planning in advance.

For one TikTok user, Grandma Lill, she's already got all the rules in place for when it's her turn.

TikTok star @grandma_droniak is no stranger to going viral.

An elderly woman looks down at her phone.
TikTok | @grandma_droniak

Grandma Lill has amassed over 4 million followers and 92.8 million likes on the platform, where her bio reads, "Hello I'm a celebrity and a 92 year old grandma." She's beloved for her snarky wit and unstoppable attitude — she even sells merchandise with some of her snappiest catchphrases on it.

So when Grandma Lill posted the 3 rules for her funeral, no one was surprised when they were hilarious.

An elderly woman is speaking.
TikTok | @grandma_droniak

"These are my rules at my funeral," she starts the video, with the list behind her. "Listen up! You can cry but don't cry too much. Don't make a fool of yourself." Wise words!

Her second rule was a bit more controversial.

Betty White saying You look lovely Helen. I'm so osrry I couldn't attend your funeral last year.
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"Bertha is not invited," she continues. "Don't let her in." While many fans in the comments have been begging for more information on the drama with Bertha, Grandma Lill seems content to have the rule speak for itself.

Then Grandma Lill ends strong, saying the third rule, which is, "Get drunk afterward. Take a shot for me!"

Honestly, it sounds like a blast.

You can watch the video for yourself right here and see why so many people are itching to get an invite to this event — and not end up like Bertha, whatever you do.