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Bridezilla Demands Bridesmaids Lose Weight To Fit Into The Gowns She Picked

I'm getting married this summer, and everything to do with the wedding can be overwhelming. So I'm trying hard to keep it cool. The last thing that I want is to become a bridezilla, ha, ha. That's just not my style.

However, that hasn't stopped other brides from being demanding, and this latest bride is truly something else. Wait until you hear this story.

Being a bridesmaid can be a really awesome experience, no?

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Well, it can be for sure. On the other hand, it can also be a burden. That's exactly what this one bridesmaid recently experienced, and she shared the odd details in a Reddit thread.

So get this.

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The bride sent out a series of text messages to all the bridesmaids with explicit instructions. In those messages, she insisted that all the bridesmaids wear dresses in a size 8. She then dared to say that if they can't fit in size 8, they better hit the gym.

I mean, what?

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As if this wasn't bad enough. This bridezilla had other demands. In addition to all the ladies having long hair and getting extensions, this woman had the gull to tell them all to "donate" $500 towards the couple's honeymoon in Hawaii!


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I honestly can't believe this. First of all, you can't expect all the bridesmaids to fit into the same size dress. Like, WTF? So this poor bridesmaid who got this message must've felt quite bad. You see, she's a size 12 and recently had a baby. So there is no way she could possibly lose this weight by December, and why should she?

That doesn't seem fair to me.

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So this bridesmaid decided to drop out from the wedding, and I say good for her. Even though the bride was "hurt" that she couldn't make it, she still insisted on this woman paying towards the honeymoon. I can't believe this.

How low can people go, huh?

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Well, I wasn't alone in thinking this was totally not okay. After this bridesmaid posted about her ordeal on Reddit, people had a lot to say about it. Almost everybody thought this was ridiculous. I can't get over how some brides become so pushy just because it's their wedding day.

Here's what one Redditor said:

Rihanna saying 'what?"
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"I [expletive] you not a former friend once sent me a link to their GoFundMe so that I could help him and his fiancée with a downpayment on a house. Our friend group was all in their early to mid-20s. We were ALL trying to put together a downpayment for a house."

Wow! That's insane, no?

This response here had me in stitches.

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"Dear Psycho,

It would have been great to attend your wedding as we've supposedly been friends and all, but I can't feed into your ego or narcissism. Real friends aren't hung up on the appearance of others, much less that of their friends, and I'd rather give my hard-earned $500 to an appreciative hobo than to a drama queen who demands it as part of her psychosis and self-important worldview."

Ha, ha, ha!

So what do you think of this story here?

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Did it shock you as much as it did me? I mean, where do people like this get off, huh? I would be grateful to have a few girlfriends who would be my bridesmaids, and the last thing I would do is give them a list of demands. That is just so tacky. I'm glad this bridesmaid put their foot down and said 'no.' Bravo!