Dad Wears 'Cone Of Shame' After Dog's Surgery So He Doesn't Feel So Alone

Mason Joseph Zimmer
dog with medial cone sits with man wearing lampshade
TikTok | @good.boy.ollie

There's something about how loving and eager to help dogs tend to be that makes us love them even in our grumpiest moments.

That's why we feel the need to protect them at all costs when they're in trouble and why we find ourselves showing them the same love and care before we even realize it. And as we can often see, that effect is so powerful that even dads who didn't want a dog in the first place can end up doting on them the hardest.

That familiar scenario can lead to some endlessly adorable moments, but it's hard to beat one caring gesture that one dad recently showed his daughter's beloved dog.

Over the past year, a dog named Ollie has been making the most lovable impression on TikTok.

As we can see here, a big part of his appeal comes from his uncanny ability to balance objects on his butt, but there isn't much Ollie can do that his 2.8 million fans won't find absolutely precious.

Recently, Ollie developed a lump on his eyelid that caused some concern for his owner, Alex.

As she told Bored Panda, "Dogs grow little lumps and bumps, but we just wanted to be on the safe side and test it."

And although all turned out to be fine for the dog, he would have to wear a protective collar after undergoing a minor surgery.

But while it's clear that his collar made for a cute video, Ollie wasn't happy about it at all.

As Alex put it, "Ollie was just really sad with the cone on. He just moped around and was feeling really sorry for himself.”

dog with medial cone sits with man wearing lampshade
TikTok | @good.boy.ollie

She told The Dodo that he would only have to wear it for a week, but one day she discovered that her dad felt bad enough for the dog that he decided to wear a "cone of shame" himself.

And Alex made it clear that this was something that was only done out of love because he didn't like wearing it either.

As she put it, "Ollie's doing great. His stitches have healed nicely. They’re both cone-free now. Ollie only had to wear it for a week. My dad only lasted a few hours!"

You can see the whole adorable scene here and Alex's caption should sound familiar to a whole lot of folks whose dads their dogs more than they want to admit.

As it read, "I swear it's always the dads who didn't want a dog that end up loving them the most."

h/t: The Dodo