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Bride Dumps Husband And Marries Best Man After His Wedding Speech

Many times in life, we fall in love with someone we think will be our soul mate. We profess our love, say "I do," and expect to stay with them for the rest of our lives. Not everything is as blissful and perfect as it seems, sometimes. When things go south, we have no choice but to face the truth.

A TikTok user recently shared the story of her ex-husband and her now, new husband.

Desiree recently uploaded a video to her TikTok channel sharing that she had a pretty confusing, and almost unbelievable story of how she had met her second husband. The wife said that she was married to her ex-husband, and her new husband was actually the best man at her first wedding.

Apparently, her husband professed his love during his best man speech.

Desiree shared that the reason she found out that her husband even had feelings for her at all was that during the speech at her first wedding, he basically broke down and professed his love to her. Many wanted to hear the speech, but she didn't have the video.

Desiree shared that her first husband was "cheating on her endlessly."

TikTok Cheater Wife
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Before she allowed anyone to judge her for getting remarried to a close friend of her ex-husbands, she shared that the main reason she left him was that she found out he had been endlessly cheating on her with multiple women.

Sharing the details of the story, she and her now-husband, Bryant, had been good friends since they were teens.

TikTok Cheater Wife
TikTok | TikTok l @desiree.white

Desiree met Bryant in high school and the two were great friends, as he was friends with her high school boyfriend at the time. When he had a girlfriend, the four would always hang out, go on double dates, and be around each other often. Desiree said she and Bryant had a "close" friendship.

When he knew she was getting married, he said it "clicked" for him to tell her.

TikTok Cheater Wife
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Bryant knew that Desiree's husband had been cheating on her for years. He also knew that this was his only chance to tell her how he truly felt about her. So, he let it all out at the wedding during his best man speech—which, he was very drunk for.

Desiree said she "didn't think much of it" and stayed with her husband for about a year.

TikTok Cheater Wife
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During that time, tons of "red flags" popped up continuously, she said. One of them is when her co-worker recognized her husband from a photo and said her friend used to date him. A lot of things ended up coming out and she "couldn't stick around" for all of the things that had gone down.

During her divorce, she was "very depressed."

Her husband began dating other people throughout the divorce process. But, Desiree was "very down" and very depressed. She turned to Bryant as a friend for advice and support. And, one thing led to another—the two kissed. From there, they dated and got married. 10-years later, they have four sons together.

Immediately, people online had many things to say about this situation.

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The TikTok comments were exploding with shock and surprise. Many people said that Desiree's current husband—the best man—is wrong, wrong, wrong. First, many said he is a "terrible friend" to her ex-husband. Others said it was "terribly inappropriate."

Many said that Desiree was "wrong" for marrying her ex-husband's best friend.

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Many said that Desiree is equally in the wrong for marrying her ex-husband's best friend. They said despite him cheating on her, "two wrongs don't make a right" and she shouldn't have gone after Bryant.

Desiree said she's not "with him because of the speech."

In a later video, Desiree reminded people that her ex-husband and Bryant weren't "best friends" and it wasn't because of his speech that she went for Bryant.

She said it's because he is an amazing person and he treats her well.

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And, no matter what anyone says online, she is happy with their life together.

Hey, whatever works!