Sorry, My Lord: Season 2 Of 'Bridgerton' Was Better Than Season 1

Taylor Sakellis
instagram | @bridgertonnetflix

Now look, before anyone starts throwing their dance cards at me, I need you to hear me out. There is no denying that season 1 of Bridgerton was essentially a cultural revolution. There will never be a season of TV that captivated us the way this show did. It is the original and I respect it dearly for that reason.

However... Anthony and Kate kind of blew everything out of the water.

As fans will recall, the first season of "Bridgerton" came out during the last leg of 2020.

instagram | @bridgertonnetflix

We were exhausted. We were 9 months into a pandemic that seemed to be endless. We had already rewatched everything on Netflix 15 times over.

Bridgerton was new and exciting. It was steamy and salacious. It was everything we needed at that time, and more.

When it was announced last year that the beloved Duke of Hastings would not be rejoining the cast for season 2, fans were beyond devastated.

Bridgerton without Regé-Jean Page? How were we to cope?! How could the show carry on without its diamond?

However, after watching (and rewatching) "Bridgerton" season two, I can firmly say I believe it is better.

Sure, there's a lot less sex, but there's a lot more emotion and depth and family drama. Sure, I miss the Duke, but the Viscount is serving us all just fine.

To be clear, my love of this second season does not take away from my first love —Daphne and Simon will always have a large place in my heart!


It's just that now that the Sharma's have come to town, there is a lot more excitement and energy, and I cannot wait to see what season three has in store!