Woman Suddenly Quits After Months Of Being Told She Could Be Fired At Any Time

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There are a lot of ways that a boss can alienate their employees to the point that they'd rather face the job hunt again, and some of the worst ones will have workers leave in a mass exodus.

But one of the fastest ways to ensure a worker parts with you on bad terms is to threaten to fire them at every available opportunity. Because while some managers might think this makes people scared to defy them, it actually tells them they can't count on this job and should start looking for another one as soon as possible.

And as one story perfectly illustrates, the employee who has their job threatened every week isn't exactly going to worry about making their departure convenient for the person who did that to them.

At the start of the summer a few years ago, one teacher was put into a precarious position after her husband was suddenly laid off.

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As she explained in a Reddit post, her teaching job was part-time and didn't have benefits. So in order to secure health insurance while the husband looked for something else, she got a job as a bank teller.

Since she hadn't worked a register before, her early days with that job would feature a lot of errors in keeping her till balanced.

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Although she was ever only off by a few dollars each time this happened, the whole staff nonetheless had to stay late until any errors were corrected.

That already made her feel guilty, but her manager Mel still delighted in telling her that since she was an at-will employee, she could be fired at any time.

In the woman's words, "Our family's health insurance going up in smoke was terrifying to me. Sometimes it was hard to hold back tears."

Even after she got better at her job, Mel still made this threat every time she made a mistake.

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And when the woman told her that these constant threats made for an unhealthy work environment, Mel simply replied that she could quit whenever she wanted as well.

By the time the school year had rolled around, her husband had found another job with insurance and the woman's teaching hours had expanded.

So when her bank job's management revoked an hour off that she would've used to take her daughter to her new school after approving it, the woman realized she no longer needed their hassles.

When Mel tried to get her to wait until they closed to discuss the previous day, the woman told her she wouldn't be around for that long.

businesswoman in professional clothes looks stunned
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However, Mel didn't seem to understand this meant she was quitting until the woman said, "You kept reminding me that I work 'at will.' Thanks for those reminders. I'm leaving for good in two hours."

And she was so happy to leave that customers kept asking why she was in a good mood, to which she replied that it was her last day.

The woman also said that she finally stepped out the door with an elaborate curtsy as Mel fumed.

h/t: Reddit | Public_Pressure_4516